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Parentree is a parenting community.

Parentree focuses on the practical aspects of parenting - reviews of schools and preschools, local activities in cities, children's intelligence, reliable classes for arts and sports, growth charts, good nutrition, parenting tips, pregnancy, babies and children, child development, growth milestones, emotional development and behaviour.... and the list goes on.

Parentree is a community where information, advice and tips flow from parent to parent, so everyone benefits from each other's experience.



Shobha Durairajan is a mother of two. She has held various engineering positions, for over 10 years, at companies like Lucent, IBM and Lockheed Martin. Shobha has a BE from Sri Venkateswara College of Engg, Chennai and an MS from George Mason University, Virginia. Shobha and her husband Sathya have two children.

Gita Dayal is a mother of two. A passionate believer and user of web communities, she started (and currently moderates) an online group for Bangalore parents. She has held various Product Management and other positions, for over 10 years, at companies like eBay, Zaplet, Hewlett Packard and EDS. Gita has a BA (Economics) from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi and an MBA from Cornell University, New York. Gita lives with her husband Amit and two children in Bangalore.


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