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124578 2022-08-26 12:04:08


Hi all, I am sahana having 12 years of experience in investment banking domain and running show with the help maid and my husband won't be around most of days in a month...Facing back pain from last year and difficult to work from office and employer is forcing to is too far takes 13 hours of mine in a day and won't get to see my son's face when I come back...having guilty feeling...I do have financial commitments and unable to manage everything...not getting what to do, gone to depression mode...can you please suggest?

DelishaMumma 2022-08-30 13:24:51


Sahana i can only say ..stay strong and dont quit your job... this time will paas... i spend 14-15 hrs sometime.. but as woman we are born fighters and dont let go ur spirit to fight
1. your maid has to be reliable
2. install a movable camera at  your home so u can see and monitor the progress of your child
3. do face times or videocalls to ur son as a 5 min break after every hour... believe me no one at office minds that.. its we ladies who take whole shit load.
4. when u are travelling utilise that time to plan your activities.
5. give at least 30 mins to yourself without fail in whatever u like as an individual..believe me it works


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