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AHMama 2019-01-27 22:38:57


Hi All, My kids got admission in one of the schools in Indiranagar/HAL 2nd stage and currently we are staying in HSR. I am totally unaware of this new locality Indiranagar so need some insight n help in finding a proper apartment to reside within a budget of 30K. M looking for Apartments in Indiranagar...Hal 2nd stage..nearby localities also...n in close proximity minimum 1 to 2kms and maximum 3 to 4km. Also m searching on Property sites with owners listing as a preference. Would like u all to help me find a good place. Initially I was hesitant to start this discussion regarding finding an apartment(thought this will b a totally different discussion) but as I am not much familiar with thought of finally posting it in a HOPE to get responses n better insights with local people of Bangalore. Guys Please Suggest..Ur help will be really appreciated from bottom of my heart. Thankyou


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