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sravantib 2016-08-12 15:51:04



I am a working mom with 5 and 10 year new kids(boys). I use to stay at home 3 years ago, But due to some personal problems in my family I started working. But when I was not working I use to give
quality time to my kids. Where as now, I have to balance my kids and family and at the same time I need to grow in my career. So I am unable to give enough time to kids.
I always wanted to raise my kids with good values and wanted to see my kids in a good position where my kids could help others too.
But now due to my hectic schedule I am unable to teach them.
My elder boy is a special child still he was so active but now due to my schedule he is isolated. All the time prefers to watch tv. No physical activity till I go to home from office. He is not listening to my words. He is not even responding to me when I call him. Became so stubborn. My in laws will take care of my kids once I am off to office.
And my younger boy, very active and intelligent. But his always interested in getting getting ready nicely and going out. Earlier he use to play with out watching tv. But now he also slowly addicting to tv. He is in class 1. Of course we cant expect good concentration at this age. But some how he is very choosy about his academics. When he has good mood he will come to finish home work. And if I ask anything he says I forgot mom. How can I help him  to over come this? And I dont want to put pressure on my kids for their academics. They should know the value of education. And they should enjoy the academic life. How can I achieve this? How can I improve interest in him towards studies. He simply say a lie if the situation is not according to him. How to stop this habit? He will deviate the topic if something is not in favor of him.
And finally I dont wanted to be a strict mom. I want to be friendly with my kids. I believe that if the parents are friendly to the kids, then the parent and child relation bond will be strong. How can I achieve this? How can I nurture my kids with good values. As a parents its our responsibility that right from the child's childhood we should inculcate good values. So that they can grow up with that values and even at teenage they wont get distracted towards the attracting life and luxuries and bad habits.
This is my ideology. Please correct me if I am wrong. And suggest me how to implement this in an effective way. How can I nurture them with good values at the same time to develop my career?

Sange2013 2016-08-12 21:39:27


Spend even the minimal tym u get for them on a longrt note thy migjt undetstsnd

anjli 2016-11-07 16:24:46


spend a quqlity time. hats off to mamma with a  special child.. be always positive.. dont carry office burden to home.. even make in laws also very very positive by all means. they are surrounding teh children. thery are  the first vibration.. 



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