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1400 2016-07-11 08:41:17


Hi all,
I have recently relocated to Hyderabad from Bangalore due to my daughter's health. She was on inhaler and doctor advised as to relocate to warm place and this was the only option for my husband. I gave up my job as I thought as a mother I should take the risk for her health's sake. I am in search of a job now. I am an MBA in Hospital administration and have 8 years of experience. It's due to the long working hours of Hospital industry ,last 2 years I have moved to academics. Last 2 years I worked as Academic Coordinator for a very reputed B school in Bangalore. Can any one provide me any lead please in Hyderabad?

Looking forward to your response!


khnaveen 2018-06-05 14:53:20


hi..priyanka..can u mail ur resume to me.iam a psychiatrist in hyd..


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