about is it good or possible to send a child of age 5 month in any day care

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arshu 2010-03-20 22:40:17


hi this is frist time doing thing like this but i just want to discuss that should i sent my 5 month child in a day care n start working again.


shruthibala 2010-03-24 12:47:31


hai arshu,

my advice is dont do it.......Initially money makes you feel independent but later you will feel sorry for doing so but it also depends on your circumstances.....be with your child you will enjoy your time with him....you can always work after he/she goes to school....


mickey 2010-03-24 13:20:10


Hi Arshu ,

Please don't do it unless its just unavoidable. I still remember my days 13 yrs back ,when i had to leave my 5-6 month old daughter in a creche for just two months as I had to finish my technical course and appear for some exams. I had  no help at home and my husband too was out of station. My daughter developed typhoid when she was just 6 months old and suffered diarrhoea . I had ensured to put her in a very safe and clean creche but this ended in a nightmare.

I don't say, it will happen to all, but definitely not advisable. Just enjoy your time and see your baby growing up and crossing so many stages within a year. Its really a pleasant ,satisfying ,wonderful  and indescribable experience which you shoud not miss. Maintain a dairy and note all important dates about his/her new activities and your experiences in brief. You will be very happy to read it in future too.

You can take up your career when your child grows up a bit .You can think of working once ur child joins any playschool. You can leave  ur child in a daycare or engage a nanny/babysitter at home who is police verified. You can enagage such people from good and certified agencies.

Please do give a second thought....





Cecilia 2010-03-24 15:29:22


Hi Arshu,

Its best that you personally take care of your babe.  But if it is a pressing issue that you have to work and no other relative to take care of the child you can try the creche / daycare.  Enquire all details well and choose a proper Creche / Daycare centre. 

See that you are getting a report from the caretakers at the creche on a daily basis. And when your child is with you observe carefully the health condition.    

My son went to the creche from 9mths of age.  I joined him first for half a day(9.30 - 12.30)  initially, and for the 3 -4 days I was with him at the creche.  After a month or so I extended it for 9 - 6 p.m.   

When you take home your babe, be very observant. If you find any health / behaviour problems attend to it on priority.





aanchal 2010-03-24 16:02:56


dear arshu, i will give you few points to think over:

1) child care is a very taxing and thankless job. when even a mother may get irritated or frustrated after attending to a child 24*7, and may wish to have a space of her own, just imagine how a creche operates. all children there cannot get the required and desired attention.

2) small babies do not have good immune system. chances of getting infection from fellow babies and care-takers are very high.

3) choose the lesser of the two evil..frustration ( coming from being jobless) vs guilt ( coming from being babyless)..both are strong feelings and you will need to handle them carefully. out-of-job mothers take out their frustration on kids which is not good at all..working mothers dote and pamper their kids too much out of compensation, which is again not good at all.

4) 'why do you want to work' is a question that you need to think again with a fresh mind. is it the full time mothering routine thats getting on your nerves? or r u under peer pressure as most of your friends are working? or you are feeling a void in your life without work? or is double income extremely important to take care of the financial concerns? m sure all these concerns can be handled without having to send yr child to day care

5) if u start working again, will u be able to take day off /week off from work if the child is sick and cannot go to day-care? will u be able to postpone yr deadlines if the child needs more attention? if not, u will feel frustrated at work too.

at such an early age, a baby needs very delicate care and love of parents. putting them in day care before the age of 1 is not advisable, unless no other option is left.

take care :)



mickey 2010-03-24 22:44:33


Hi Aanchal ,

I have been following up many of your discussions. The answers/advise  you are giving to parents or individuals is amazing. We have a very good Psychotherapist  here  to help us out .... Kudos to u

I will soon bombard  u with many questions concerning my younger daughter  !!.

Great work once again ...




aanchal 2010-03-25 11:16:50


hey mickey..thanks!! i am glad if any of my suggestions help someone out in someways.

waiting for your bombardment !!!


indu25 2010-10-12 13:13:12



 Hi .

Please guide me am planning to put my 1.5 year old girl in kanchana patti t nagar branch day care .. is anyone already there ... any suggestions ..please 



thanks in advance 


indu25 2010-10-12 13:13:47



 Hi .

Please guide me am planning to put my 1.5 year old girl in kanchana patti t nagar branch day care .. is anyone already there ... any suggestions ..please 



thanks in advance 


gbrs 2015-03-28 06:22:43


My daughter is 1yr old. Please suggest daycare / creche near tidel park, Chennai.


aaru10 2015-05-04 16:41:43


Hi, ya of course why not, Firstly you are limiting the child only to yourself, let the child explore outer world after all you or the child will not be together for entire life(dats a truth).Secondly if you earn you can be helping the child in many other ways. there are good daycares these days you can search for one, daycares have cctv also now a days.Think smartly because if you work today you are earing respect and independence for future.


Vihaanmum 2015-05-11 16:58:23


DONT DONT DONT DONT until the kid is atleast 2 yrs old...Defn they need personal care...Do watever it takes to give them personal or Grandparents attention..


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