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ysoumya 2014-03-31 20:31:50


I am a stay at home mother of a 2 1/2 year old. I he been on a career break since 2011.
I am planning to start working again as my kid will be off to school from this June.
I worked was into direct marketing and sales for the 6 years before the break. I may not be able be continue in the field (because of my health condition) however, I am interested in a desk job like customer service (customer interaction is nor a problem), market research (secondary research), ops, admin. etc.
I am basically looking at a start. open for part time and work from home options also.

Any info. will be helpful.

blend 2014-05-17 05:27:16


hi soumya , iam dinesh from hyderabad are you looking to start up a new life , i will be helpfull to u genuinuely

born2win 2014-05-23 18:03:56


HI RosyRai Mam,
  Wat kind of marketing job is this. I am looking for a Part time job will it suite for that or you want only full time workers?
  If it is ok for you then I would like to know about the Sal details n the working hours n all .



yes 2014-06-19 16:07:48


hi all ....I am Seema , residing in Chennai for the past three years before was located in Mumbai .......looking out for a administrator job n a play school , or any part time work .....was working for 4 years in mumbai as a playschool instructor ......any thing pls help ...


aks09 2014-06-19 16:25:22


Chck out the below site..
bt u need to register and create ur profile....they post a number f jobs under various categories..hope this helps..all d best !

r_ganesh76 2014-08-19 18:31:42


I was working with a Scheduled bank before I took a break. Now my daughter is in 3rd standard and I am looking out for options. Currently running a Math blog with downloadable worksheets ( ). I am in lookout for partime openings in Bangalore.


sree9 2014-08-30 20:49:05



  I am looking for part time job n it should be home based job as i am working.
Any help guys.


Hansa1485 2016-02-11 11:08:32


Hi blend, I ve joined here recently. I am also from hyderabad, I left my job in 2011 and I would like to start up my career once again.can you plz help me in dis.. Tia


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