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padminis 2013-11-28 11:09:24



I am a Software Engineer and my husband is working for ICICI Direct, so both are having a hectic work-schedule. Do any of  you know a good and affordable maid agency from where i can hire a full-time maid for my 5 yr old daughter. She studies in D.P.S Mahindra Hills and come back home by 1.30. So from 1.30 to 7.30 I need someone to take care of her at house. Currently I am having a maid, which i bought from my native place..but now she is leaving so I need someone immediately... Guys Plz Help....

RekhaRani 2014-03-19 23:32:13


Hey did u find and maid for ur daughter.?

padminis 2014-03-20 10:55:53


Hey Rekha... i enquire a lot in Hyderabad...including too...but they are charging so very much... so finally i got a new one again from my native place... now atleast for 1-2 yr i am releived..

nani2009 2014-11-18 05:14:19


Hey can u please find a maid for mee tooo please i'm sick and tired of getting one


vrada 2015-02-10 16:25:58


Any leads please.. I too need one to take care of my kid.

jran 2015-02-21 10:54:51


Hi padmini
Need a full time amid
any one you know


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