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aanchal 2008-12-31 22:42:22


hi..i would like to know if anyone of u feel that after children spend first 2 years of schooling in a montessori school they find it very difficult to adjust in a regular school later..if yes, please elaborate on the problems faced.

mango_mama 2009-01-01 21:23:39


Hi Aanchal,

In my children's school NAFL, they have both Montessori and the regular streams that lead to grade 1. It does seem that the Montessori kids have difficult adjusting. Although, I feel the academic ones are doing extremely well. But in general. But this is also because the Montessori system was new in this school and these kids were the guinea pigs of sorts. I personally also feel that it is not a typical Montessori and a half-baked one. I feel it is better to go with experienced and great teachers and established systems. In India, not too many schools live up to the Montessori regimen. BUT please note that this is my personal feel and bias and I could be wrong. So do your own due diligence.

But make sure that the teachers are experienced and the system established (I am conservative in this respect). You may want to read about this Parentree article on different preschool methods in India.

Good luck,




aanchal 2009-01-02 15:14:39



thanks for the prompt reply..i am doing the montessori course currently and i am really impressed by it, at least theoretically. i have been to few montessori schools and got the demonstration of how they teach..that impressed me even more..i truly think that children learn more in montessori schools..but my main concern is whether children find it difficult to adjust to the new environment of the regular schools when they make the switch later.

my husband and i want to hear from parents who have experienced or have heard about the same dilemma

(i regularly follow all yr write-ups..they are quite nice..happy new year)


annu 2009-01-03 14:02:39


The Aurobindo Society that runs The Mother's Inetrnational School also runs a school called Mirambika, which follows a free progress model of schooling. Since the school did not get CBSE approval for Board Examinations, all the children move into a regular school from class VIII. Some parents move the kids out sooner.

Now, my son's best friend is someone who spent 6 years under that system and joined mainstream Mother's International School. He is a wonderful, sensible, sensitive boy who has done and continues to do rather well academically too. The other students from his batch who joined mainstream schools have also all done very well. In fact they are all brilliant students.

Did they have any adjustment problems - Yes they did. But point is they all overcame them successfully and went on to handle challenges in life with an amazing confidence. They wouldn't trade their time at that school with anything else. It was one of the best things that happened to them.

So the point is when ever there is a switch from a certain environment to another, there will be some angst and heartburn. Even if the switch is from an Army School to a regular less disciplinaruian school, there will be some adjustment issues of a different kind. Within the same system of schooling, moving from one branch to another, or change of one subject teacher to another can necessiate adjustments.

What is important is to see the issue in a holistic manner. While it is important to provide children with a certain stability, it is also necessary to give them some challenges and lessons in adjustment and coping. Any method that allows children in their younger years a lot of freedom and latitude and gets them interested in learning is good for them in the longer run. Just because they may have to get into a different system later is no reason to deprive them of the goodness of it in the formative years.

Plus, as parents we need to continue providing the balancing inputs in their life. If there's too much discipline in school, we need to give them opportunity to break free and vice versa! Some checks and balances will have to be put in place, no matter where they are!



apar_sai 2009-02-08 00:30:28



I agree with Anu completely. My 6.5-year-old was in a montessori from 2.5 to 6. It was a fantastic and unparalleled learning experience. He moved to a regular CBSE school for the first standard. I counselled him on the difference and he was prepared for it. He did take a month or so to adjust, but thats about it.

I would advise montessori for any pre-primary child. Of course, the parent should hand-hold when the child transitions. But thats better than keeping him un-exposed right from age 2.5.

This moment I will say that he learnt more in montessori-UKG than in CBSE-first-standard.






Sappu 2009-04-02 12:24:14


Hi Mango,

This is Dr.Swapna, how r u nd family? hope all r dong well.....

 I have a kid of 2 years now,i want her to put to NAFL in Basaweshwar nagar,3 block,3 stage. Can u please guide me when to take admission forms and also plz give me the school details,how is everything?

Thank you ya,



bharaths 2009-04-04 00:57:55


Hello Anu, Aparna

Thanks for your matured thoughts and feedback. In fact, I am planning to put my son in ICSE school in Chennai for his LKG. It will be montessori system until 1st std.

I also believe, that the all round personality development of the kid is more important than academics,since that's what provides the child with the needed impetus to face the challenges in life with adequate confidence.

In my books, a school has to focus on the total development in the following way :

C - Collaboration than competition.

H - Holistic Development.

I - Individuality.

L - Learning    (by) 

D - Doing (than mere studying).

But there is a general myth in this society, that kids studying in ICSE cannot face the competitve exams - since there is not too much focus on academics.  Some people also say, that the ICSE syllabus pattern keeps changing frequently.

Please let me know your thoughts on the above 2 points? It would be of great help to me.

Finally, from your real time experience - ICSE or CBSE, which system nurtures the total development of the kid?

Thanks a lot for your guidance.

Kind Regards, Bharath S





archieb27 2009-10-30 13:58:20


Can somebody please tell me what is the criteria for admission in NAFL, Basveshwar nagar? Also please give any suggestions on any other good schools in Malleshwaram / Sadashiv Nagar area




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