How to gain weight?

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TGSHAH 2010-08-10 08:22:09


How to lose Weight is a concern for most of the Ladies especially after marriage -Pregnancy and menopause. Many clinics and solutions r available for it.

But very few talk about gaining weight.

Does eating more help in weight gain ? I want suggestions for increasing weight without negative side effects like bad cholestrol, unwanted fat, diabetes etc.

I believe weight alone is not sufficient or that much important if it is not suppoted by nutrition, stamina, activeness and glow on face.

What kind of food should be increased in diet?

In my case,even Working less and taking rest does not work.

Just to add, I have a thallasemia Minor trait. Does it affect weight gain?

roses 2010-08-10 09:37:18


You mention Thallasemia minor trait, do you have anemia or any other condition that needs to be medically monitored. If that is the case then I would desist from trying the usual weight gain diet for weight gain without checking with your doctor.

I need to understand how serious is your condition of being underweight to provide specifics. Can you give me a rough idea. Is it just that you feel you want to put on weight or you have some serious issues with your weight.

You do not mention anything with regard to thyroid. Have you had your thyroid profile done? 

However I do understand your concern because I had to make sure I put on adequate amount of weight (and stayed healthy) before I decided to go ahead with yet another pregnancy because of repeated miscarriages I had earlier on.

On a general basis: 

- Yes you can put on weight without consuming the wrong fats by just increasing your calorie intake through protiens and good sugars (carbs). This will have to be in the form of adding the right category of food, increasing the food portions and increasing the frequency of eating/ snacking. This should not have a negative effect as long a you use that excess calories to exercise and build your stamina.

- Increasing foo portion: You can also add on weight by not just adding new food types but also by increasing the food portion you eat. For example you usually eat a banana a day. You can increase it to two or three spread through the day to help take in good nutrition plus additional calories.

- Right category of food: You can increase your protien intake in a normal , natural way by eating high protein food -chicken, eggs, etc. In addition there are protein shakes too and smoothies in which you can add supplements which are medically approved. They will not bulk you up like the body builders but will give you the stamina that you need.

- Increasing the frequency of eating: Snacking (cheese crackers, fruits) and breaking up eating just 3 meals a day to a heavy breakfast and then more frequent snacks will help keep up your stamina and take in more calories in a day (so that you do not just fill your self up in one meal but rather keep grazing throughout the day).

- Please make sure you can start a work-out regime to build more muscle and stamina.

Plus make sure you do not take in:

- volume food and empty calories (watermelon, cantaloupe etc.)

- food that causes an energy surge but leaves to exhausted soon after (sugars, coffee) 

I could go on... 


TGSHAH 2010-08-10 12:07:00


Roses, Thank u very much for ur detailed reply.

I don't have thyroid problem. All other medical reports are absolutely normal.

Because of Thallasemia, my Hamoeglobin level obviously remains low. I contacted several doctors & they say that  I should consider 10 gm Hamoeglobin as 100 % instead of normal 12 gm for others. When it drops down further, I don't feel like working (I can't work enthusiastically & with concentration).

 However,I take Folic acid tablets & iron tablets as per doctor's prescription. I  consume food with high iron content & Vitamin C regularly and in greater proportions to maintain stamina & blood level.





TGSHAH 2010-08-11 13:45:37


 Thank u once again for replying thru parentree inbox.


roses 2010-08-16 09:09:38


you are welcome!



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