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neha123456 2016-03-07 19:28:15


Hello moms.. I have joined this group today and I needed information on good and reliable homeopathy doctor around South Bangalore...I wish to move my kids from allopathy to homeopathy completely, I have a daughter 28 months old and a son 8 months old...I have met a homeopathy doctor in electronic city her charges was much more expensive than allopathy treatments...and she said we have to continue the treatment for months....she use to give me weekly medicine and charges 300 per week. Looking for solution. Please suggest.

pravso 2016-03-22 19:05:35


Hi Neha,
Homeopathy is a slow but permanent cure. Its true that few homeopathy doctors are charging in par with allopathy doctors. these days. But, there are good practitioners as well who do it as a service and don't charge you much. The actual charge of homeopathy is usually very very less when compared to allopathy. I would say hundreds per month based on the medicine you take and there are no side effects.
I know of a good doctor that my family goes to since 15 years. He is very good and charges very less. Its called "Arogya centre for Holistic medicine and research" You can book an online appointment at www.achmr.com
Call them on : 8050806868.
There are other very good doctors as well. I will get contact details of their branch at electronic city.
If you need a list of holistic medicines that the doctors prescribe and their uses, just send me an email at pravszone@gmail.com. I can click photos of them and forward it to you.

Hope this helps,


nevedita 2017-03-09 13:56:53


Hello, I saw your post and just now have posted in another topic about my own experience. Will copy paste here in case you have not found a good homoeopath -- With homoeopathy, choosing a trusted Dr is very important. And with doctors becoming very very commercialised it is very difficult to find a good one. I was lucky to find one in Bangalore who I can completely trust. Reason being she gives the prescription only to you! Very few I don't know who do that. Even the so called very costly corporate homoeopathy clinics maintain secrecy. So you know what exactly you are eating. No chance of steroids. Then other very important is the dose. She says in most old cases everyday taking medicine is not required. Find such homoeopaths. What I read about it, this is actually true homoeopathy. I am sure your kids are doing good but if you need any other homoeopath you can inbox me.


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