Speaking When Fast Asleep ??

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mickey 2010-03-27 18:13:03


Hi !

One cousin of mine talks during her sleep. Whatever she talks is very irrelevant and as soon she opens her eyes , she forgets what she has spoken. She doesn't speak on her own. But only when u try to talk to her , she responds. Her friends noted/discovered  this when she was in hostel. Once when they saw her response, they started pulling her and put her many questions and had a fun time at the expense of her. Over a period of time , this habit of hers faded away. But after marriage , she again started speaking . Her tone would be very hoarse and unless you are close  to her , u can't really make out what she speaks. There is no particular topic. But it will about some toys, shopping , books , any gadget  ..flying a plane  ...nothing can be predicted. In her deep sleep, if you ask her some question, she will definitely answer , but it sounds very funny , childish and at times unbelievable  !! The best part of it is ,she doesnot remember a bit of it. Her husband has recorded her conversations many a time and has fun pulling her though. I too have heard it and advised him to delete all those and not to make fun of her.

Is this something serious ? Does she have to refer to a Doctor ? She has not visited anybody regarding this , as this has not affected her normal life. She is absolutely normal and a mother too. She must be thirties now. She is very active and takes care of her children properly. Is it related to any kind of stress ?  What is this ?  

Hi Aanchal / Some14U ,

 Can u let me know  ??

All suggestions are welcome.



aanchal 2010-03-28 09:43:39


dear mickey,

sending you link to my article on sleep-talking..have a look...it should clarify things.


take care!


mickey 2010-03-28 12:46:34


Thank you Aanchal. The article was very informative. Rgds,Mickey.


aanchal 2010-03-28 14:57:00


my pleasure mickey..i write for this magazine on a regular basis..the recent one is on menopause.

take care!!


mickey 2010-03-28 15:35:26


Thats  great to know Aanchal...Mickey



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