Pinworm infection please help

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sumamb 2014-12-20 18:30:55


Hi all, 
I am having pinworms and have started homeopathy medicine. i have got it from my son i guess who is 5 year old (even he has it) . I need some instant remedy which will get me rid of this worm immediately. I have baby who is 2.5 months old and i don't to pass on to her. I read it is very contagious .
Please help

gayathrib 2015-07-24 14:28:12


Hi sumamb....use castor oil little bit while cooking dal daily...will solve the problem gradually.

s0703 2015-08-16 15:40:46


Hi sumamb,
their are many ways u can get rid of pinworms naturally .
1.garlic is the best way to grt rid of it.Use garlic in your food in take,for best results eat the garlic raw in empty stomach in the morning.see the's gone
2.make a paste of garlic mix with coconut oil or petroleum jelly and apply near the annal region.and see the's gone
3.use grated coconut in your diet or eat it in empty stomach followed by a spoon full of castor oil daily for2days.
grapefruit juice also will help.

pinworms may reoccur so continue for 3months (castor oil weekly once )clean your bed covers,towels everyday.


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