I am neglecting myself

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sansah 2014-04-08 14:22:41


I have 2 kids. elder one is 11 yrs. younger one is 3 years. I am a working mother.
Husband is also very supportive. BUt i think that my whole time goes in thinking about kids and husband only. In the some spare time in the office, i will be always seraching something regd. kids.
Now, my elder kid is 11 yrs. He stays at my parents place after coming form school. Whenever i call him, he is busy watching TV or playing. I can feel that he is o longer interested in talking to me. Also, My husband is too busy in his office work. At home, either he is reading paper or watching sports or in front of PC..
Somehow now i am feeing ( i am 38) that i have neglected myself. I was so busy in my family life, that i never used to go out with my frds. Neglected myself by not caring about self..
My younger kid is tto oo cute. she alwasy needs me.
But sometimes i feel that in all this, i am lost.

MR123 2014-08-20 12:26:53


Sansah, these feelings are normal. You have invested a lot of time in your family and now that your children are growing and becoming more independent you are not sure what to do with your time. Maybe you should try focusing on you now and what makes you happy. I am sure that it is a daunting task at times because you may not know where to start. A friend of mine went through a similar phase and she sought the help of a life coach who helped her focus on herself,  figure out her strengths and weaknesses and what made her happy. Every week the life coach would give her tasks to complete before the next session, which really pushed her to find herself. My friend also has a family and works but found a life coach on healtheminds, which allowed her to have online video sessions with her life coach from where ever she was. All of this really helped my friend, if you still feel lost and neglected I would suggest you look up healtheminds…

jaisingh 2014-08-28 11:16:31


i definitely agree with raju...always think positively because negative feelings will attract all the negative things, as per the law of attraction...try this, think all the positive things about ur kidz n hubby...write down their names and positive things about each of them... for example, how much they love u, wat things u like abt them, etc. etc... then think about those moments..and be happy...once u see good things in someone they will also respong in same way...this is law of attraction...
but most important thing FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF...for example, if u want be praised by ur husband then u must think that u r beautiful...similarly if u want time from ur childrens n hubby u must feel that ur r very important part of family and ur time is very importnant and u make a difference wen u devote time to ur family...
GIVE TIME TO SELF...go to shopping, parlour, etc. which makes u feel good...treat urself every now n then for ur achievements...do things whihc make u feel happy...

sansah 2014-09-09 10:21:42


hi all,
Thanks for your support and positive words. Well i started this discussion almost 5months back.
Things are little improved, because i have started yoga and also i have kept certain goals for myself too.
Till date i was always keeping goals for others. Like my son to get good marks.. so what should i do, my husband should become fit, my parents ..... etc. but always kept ignoring myself.
This led to my frustration as well as other people started feeling too much of my involvement/control over their life. Now, i am taking out time for me. I am making me also happy( off course family is always first, but now atleast i am in the que. Earlier i was never in my own list).
Again i want to thank to all -MNRaju,MR123 and jaisingh for your support.



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