How doctor make us fool?

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sachpreet 2013-09-05 16:14:24


My first child born without any difficulty. Now i'm planning for 2nd baby. I am 35 years old. The gynae gave me ayurvedic medicines Aloes Compound for three months. After that she asked me to do HSG so that she can find out " Is there any infection in tubes or blockage. I went In GTB hospital which is very famous hospital for economical charges.OPD there is of just 30/-. I asked my doctor to refer any other hospital but she said it is ok. I sent other patients also there.When i went next day to hospital empty stomach. I was having headache. As i was empty stomach. Doctor refered me one day file. I paid 1000/- for only file.Then for X-ray 650/- separate.The nurses in X-ray room ask me to buy some medicines which costs 500/- After that they took signature of me & my husband.Nurses gave me injection for sedation.Gynae came .She started her procedure. It was so painful for only 10 mins. She was so rude. She said you are not coperating with me.They should give me comfortable position atleast. One nurse was holding my knees. Doctor said" apni body ko loose rakho" which i couldn't do because my feet was not in comfortable position.After this,. She left & go in her room without saying anything.When my husband went to collect file. Nurse there didn't allow him to go inside& said doctor is completing the file.She wrote only two lines in that 1000/- file .Patient is very uncooperative & oscillating.In x-ray report she wrote Fallopian tubes cannot be outlined.Uterus cannot be outlined. When i came to my Gynae with this report & X-ray. She said this report is of no use for me.The x-ray is not showing tubes.This x-ray is showing that i don't have uterus & tubes. Whereas i don't have any problem in periods.Dye is not used which should be used for this x-ray. X-Ray is showing that they inserted instrument but not dye.I have paid for dye also.Beacuse for injection & syringe i have to pay only 50/-.But i purchase all the medicines & gave in their hands.Then where is the Dye gone.Why Gynae did not complete my x-ray,Gynae told nothing to my husband & went in her room.We people are ignorant of these medical terms & procedures.They are harrasing us & making us fool.I couldn't sleep whole night. After whole day of this procedure when my gynae said this x-ray is not taken carefully they have done formality of doing that.If they have used dye then why it is not come in X-ray.Pls. this is my request here if anybody from Ludhiana .Pls. Don't go to GTB.Their doctors are playing with the lives of people.Specially Gynae is making her commission by refering many tests from her favourite places.I couldn't sleep for whole night.We consider doctors God & they do whatever they want with our body.


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