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Pritrams 2010-01-22 11:00:03



I have back ache and LBS spodilytus was detected last year, i want to know some cheap and best ayurvedic remedies.

shan 2010-08-24 20:18:27


 Spondylosis is usually portrayed by movement of one vertebra over other. There is misplacement of the vertebrae and spinal cord, which leads to the contracting of the canal. There is  pressure on the nerve root, resulting in pain, numbness, burning of the lateral aspects of thighs.i am sure you would have googled out the causes of this pain:)

This can be managed by postural corrections, releasing and toning the spasmed muscles to support the spine and subsequent maintenance through medicines.The treatment may extent for two weeks, costing you around ten thousands.

Good luck


mickey 2010-08-25 11:29:16


Hi Shanthi,

What do you suggest for Spondylolisthesis ?? I have been suffering for the past 8 years and it has reached grade 2. I have also taken  kerala ayurvedic treatment at KSAC ,Hyd  four yrs back. But it has not helped me much. I have been advised surgery to fix my problem. Is it really recommended ? I have  been managing with some excercises and rest and enduring the pain.




hiradhu 2010-08-26 11:59:17


 There is a Indian equivalent of Acupressure -- Varmam therapy.

You may check this link -




shan 2010-08-30 19:54:11


 This is also like spondylosis,.Treatments rightly done can very easily relieve symptoms.Make sure to follow  postural corrections and avoidance of risk factors.

Internal medications are needed for a course of six months,to rejuvenate and regenerate the discs, if there are any disc degeneration.

I dong advice surgery.Any complication, may cripple you for lifetime.

Good luck



shan 2010-08-30 20:00:09


The way in which ayurveda perceives a disc prolapse or spondylosis is very different. But if it is explained to you, you may find it difficult to understand the theory behind it. so we always communicate in a language you know..Treatments are very scientific and results long lasting,.Prognosis  do not  fall under the category of Modern judgement. So Pl consult an authentic Ayurvedic doctor to get a best cure. Please do not go by advertisements



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