Amway Positrim?

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saketchiaai 2012-05-14 20:08:26


 Hi All!

Anyone does know about results of Amway Positrim?

My cousin sister just started the diet plan. She is consuming 3-4 tablets, powders and this POSITIRM for weight loss. She is told that in 3 months her bmi will be normal....

I am also attracted but want to know reviews. As after 3 months bmi will same, or loose skin etc.  Can some one help me....

It will cost appr 25000 for 3 mnths.....


vivekneo 2014-03-03 20:40:09



Generally fat does not accumulate easily because we burn around 70% to 80% of energy in our daily life. Unfortunately the metabolic rate reaches a peak and begins to fall gradually from the age of 30, and if you don’t take steps to improve your metabolic rate a “beer belly†and unwanted fat becomes distinct possibilities. It’s wise to learn how to get yourself in good shape before the kilos begin to pile on.

Fearful of weight gain, many of us resort to different slimming methods to try and stem the spread. Theoretically our weight will drop with a lower energy intake, but in fact we are born with an ability to adapt ourselves to hunger. If you diet continuously over a two-week period it will lead to malnutrition. In such a situation the body tends to store energy and slow down the metabolic rate in order to maintain basic brain functions. Those who take this drastic route to trimming away kilos will lose weight at the very beginning, but the loss will not last long and the body weight can easily bounce back.


Happy12Mommy 2014-03-10 10:11:13


Does'nt work much!!!

Sonia66 2014-06-12 15:32:15


Its better not to take medicines for losing weight and lose weight naturally be exercising and dieting. By dieting I don't mean that you should stop eating and only have fruits and juices and all. But stay away from sweet and fried stuff and avoid eating outside. 


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