change in teeth colour after delivery (post partum)

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smathi 2011-09-12 11:53:49


Dear all,

2 months after my delivery, my teeth colour is changing and it looks almost light black and pale yellow. I am also taking 15ml of Ion tonic and 1 Calcium tablet per day. What you all think is the reason for this change? may be becoz of the tonic or tablet? or is it common after delivery?

Thanks in Advance


avani1 2012-10-03 17:19:12


hi!mathi..don't worry ..this color change is becoz of iron tonic u r taking and if u want to prevent it take iron tablets rather than syrup.and after changing syrup; the stains will eventually go in few months...don't try to brush ur teeth vigrously to reduce stains;as it can permanently abrade ur teeth...



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