Montessori or euro kids

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cmeghi 2021-11-18 11:14:27


Hi , My child is 18 months now and I'm looking for a preschool. I stay in bangalore konanakunte. I'm confused whether I should put her to paatashala montessori world or euro kids or sakshara montessori house of children.. Kindly help me

Vini98 2022-12-31 19:20:44


@cmeghi Before you consider any pre school, visit atleast 4/5 schools before admission, and ask the management to provide the school principals/ coordinators/teachers education certificates. One of my neighbors sister's child was going to a school Magica Years Vidyaranipura Thindlu , North Bangalore where the child comes back home with beating marks on face. When the parent went they found shockingly that the school principal cant even speak properly. Where as the parent have paid huge amount of fees in expectation of a good education. They  found the schools name in "EDUNEWS" and also in "EDUCATIONWORLD" sites. Parents we must be very much aware of such scams.


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