16 month old not responding

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Meens1987 2018-06-05 18:33:01


My Son is 16 months old and his name is Nivin. He doesnt seem to be responding to his name at all. He used to respond atleast 4/10 times before. But recently doesnt respond at all.He also doesnt make eye contact. However, when I sing his favorite rhyme or when I try and play peek a boo he immediately responds. Not sure if these are early symptoms of ASD. Should I be concerned? He calls out amma amma only when he cries. He has not started saying words but babbles.
He can say Yoyo, 2,3...some words that he recollects from his flash cards.
I am from Chennai, who should I consult,where should I start. I am having sleepless nights. Please advice

suku1985 2018-06-10 09:33:42



16 months is too early. Is he wave Bye, Clap, Finger Pointing ??

is he able to play with you and other kids ??

Meens1987 2018-06-18 13:16:56



He used to wave,clap by 13 months.
Suddenly seem to have forgotten and no matter how many time we prompt him.
He wont wave or clap.
He doesnt finger point.
He doesnt interact with me while I try and play with him.
He watches the kids around, but doesnt play much with them


suku1985 2018-06-18 22:38:14


Try to play with him as much as possible and take him outside.

Try to mingle with other kids and if you feel still he has issue. 

Check with Child psychologist doctor. I know few doctors which I got to know from other groups

1. Venkatasan, he use to visit Mehta hospital and Child trust hospital 
2.Dr.Jayanthi, she has clinic in Nandhnam 


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