Speaking problem with my 2 years old Kid.

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Dimpu4us 2017-12-18 23:54:27


my son has 21 months old.he can't speak.i have consulted a pediatric Doctor, they told me don't worry some child speaks later. he responds to every sound. He understands everything and understand what I'm telling to him.

I want to know from u what is the problem with him. why he didn't speak like kids of his age group. This problem is making me worry all the time. plz tell me what i can do to make him speak.

Anjana26 2018-02-06 12:27:19


My daughter is also of age 21 months now and cant speak yet.. she speaks some 2 letter words but cant speak all 2 letter words also. My pd also told the same and I have also seen many kids starts by 2 yrs of age.. so we should just cross our fingers and keep waiting is the solution i feel.

mano2016 2018-03-16 15:33:38


My Son's is 22 months old , struggling to speak more than 20+ words and most of them are nouns .. He will make gestures for water or cries if he can't express .. So we went to Dr.Sulata Shenoy as suggested by our pediatric Doctor and she suggested for 3 month speech therapy . In doubt to go for therapy or not. Planning to wait till he turns 2 yr old before going for therapies .

But don't let your kids to watch TV or Use smartphones which has negative effects on kids , especially on their speech development.

Looking for suggestions or thoughts !!

Jyothikn2008 2018-04-17 15:58:38


please! just think that he is lazy. 
have you tried not to respond if he just blabbers... and he is supposed tos ay word for you to respond?
anyways.. he will one day!.. soon


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