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 Former member 2017-07-29 18:54:30


Hi all,

My friend's child has autistic features. He is now going to be 3 years. He is taking OT and speech therapy for past 10 months but his improvement is very slow. On internet I searched for their is remedies in siddha medicine. They are in chennai. They searched for Rathna Siddha Hospital by doctor Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam. Any one try for his treatment. Any Improvment has seen and also has any side effect for taking siddha medicine. Kindly guide me.

We are in big confusion.

flyingmamoth 2017-07-30 13:45:18


Here are few common threads and links which can be helpful, most helpful will be joining the Bangalore Autism parents group in Wats app (Admin will verify to avoid spam), I have posted the threads with a hope it gonna help someone. Never join any centre until you had a discussion in the Autism parent group or had a word with an expert. You can hear the real experience from the parents. Most of them publically wont write anything bad about a therapy center, but if you ask in person you can get the real story. Sometime its exactly opposite of what you felt.

Are you a New parents to Autism

Most of the parents from Bangalore did food allergy tests for their kid to identify allergy tolerance towards a particular food. It costs around 15k to 25k depends upon the level. 80% who taking their kids for ABA therapy tried and still trying glutin free diet as per the test result.

Join Wats app links

Like Facebook groups (Created by parents)

Clear your doubts at

Extra :

* These links are not direct connection for Wats app group, you have to request in the post, the admins will have a back ground check.


Karyon 2018-02-07 03:42:54


Why all the links are denied. Please join in me in any autism parents group.


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