Concerned about 2yr son - signs of ADHD & ASD

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abcd0 2017-06-13 16:37:12



I just joined this forum looking at responses to similar questions but since the responses were old, wanted to post to get any recent updates.

My son has very limited eye contact. until about 1 yr he had sufficient eye contact and his responses were good. He hit all developmental milestones on time and their weren't any issues in the first year. He babbled as usual. started uttering mam mam for mama early and used to say a few words like dahi (curd), boom for ball/balloon, tried saying diamond a few times...

But from 1.5 yrs, his words stopped. When asking for any activity to be performed he doesn't point but pulls the hand towards the object he wants. Eg: To open the door pulls us out from the seating area to the door. if door is locked, then bangs sometimes... his mode of communication is mostly by dragging our hand to the desired action/object. No words, or attempt to say anything for what he wants.

He is in his own word most of the time and keeps humming a lot. doesn't respond when called by his name. his response has become weaker since 1.5 yrs to now 2 yrs in the last 6 months.

Consulted a psychiatrist when he was 1.5 yrs and was said he has features of ADHD but doesn't have ADHD and was advised to put him in play school. Advised was followed and during school, he enjoyed his time at school and learnt a lot of actions for rhymes and does them when rhymes are sung. but after few days stops responding to that rhyme.(i guess this he is just bored of that rhyme).

Now at 2 yrs, his words are nearly nil. the only word he says is Brush and knows when the brush your teeth rhyme is coming up or randomly wants the brush in the middle of the day while playing. no other words are uttered, but continues to hum and sometimes babble.

he is very very active which anybody will notice, but doesnt make eye contact. rarely he makes eye contact when it suits him just for a few seconds when he is doing something that we dont want him to do or something is attractive on the face (eg, if i wear a mask). yet no response when name is called.

Sorry for the detailing out, but I wanted to check if anyone else has similar issues.
I feel i should take him to a diagnostic center to check if there is any combination of ASD as he doesn't respond to name, smiles only at TV or when tickled not on his own and is in his own word running around as he is highly active.

his social interactions with others are limited to things that interest him. like someone holding a juice or a chocolate and yet not see the person's face. 

can someone suggest a good place in chennai for detailed diagnosis as i feel the doc whom i went last did questioning for 20 mins and observed child only for 10 mins and concluded. this was 6 months back.

Should I go back to same psychiatrist ? or try and go to a place which specializes in toddlers. - I was considering going to Dr. Karthik R. Rao - Shrishti Child Development Centre based on some on one of the comments in this forum and based on his specializations. Has anyone have direct review/benefit?

I want to go to a place that specializes in toddlers rather than a general psychiatrist were most patients are children above age 5. 

Looking forward for responses, however small or big..

Plz help as i'm really confused not knowing if i should start play school again or spend time at clinics for speech therapy or any other.. 

 Former member 2017-06-15 09:52:22


In short, Red flag for Autism - having difficulty in all the below four things
1. Social Communication - 
2. Social Interaction - ( interaction with others 
3. Repetitive Behaviour - ( e.g., spinning,  circling, hand flipping, hand bang ) 
4. restricted Interest - ( e.g., like car )

if if a child has problem in all the above areas, then he might be autistic.

i would suggest you to send your kid to play school as well as therapies . 

abcd0 2017-06-15 11:22:13


Thanks for the response. Are the four points you mentioned based on the traits I have mentioned or generic? I don't think 3 and 4 apply to my son. Any suggestions on where to get detailed diagnosis done in Chennai? I stay in nungambakkam

 Former member 2017-06-26 21:24:55


It is a generic one. Recently my son is diagnosed. This is what said by the team.

ash3 2017-12-26 17:33:02


Hi. I had similar issue with my son. He is all fine now. Except he is doesn like sitting in one place I think I can list down the things that I did to help him. I ll inbox u my number Regards Mommy

abcd0 2017-12-26 18:42:23


Thanks for responding. Plz do list down.. we are also trying various things but main thing we are concerned about is speech. He still has zero speech. He says 1-2 words for a few days and then forgets and those words are gone.

ash3 2017-12-27 08:31:04


What I am sharing is my personal things that I tried on my son... He had sensory issue, eye contact issue, was talking in 1 word till May b 3. 1. For eye contact improvement I started coming down to his level and talking, stuck a paper sticky on forehead when talking to him.. This way he kept checking fr my face when talking 2. He was sensitive to soft toys and loud music.. What I did was found out what he likes. At that point he liked shaun the sheep. So I got him shaun the sheep soft toy.. He din like it initially and finally started playing with it. He plays with all sorts of toys now. For loud music I tried a train with a soft music initially.. As he loved train and then slowly moved to more noisy ones. 3. To increase speech, I started decreasing his screen time, spending more time.. I used to spend very less time due to my work. I limited it.. And started concentrating on him more. Kept things out of his reach so that he asks me for it rather than pulling it. Started explaining everything that I did.. Be it I am walking..or anything small. Take him out..for vegetable shopping.. Tell him feel the veggies and then names. To increase his vocabulary.. I started using lots of words. Be it necessary or not. Got many picture books. Stuck a entire room with charts of different things like fruits veggies.. 4.for improving concentration I started doing some. Activities.. You can check teacherhunt channel in youtube and check their fine motor activities 5. One thing that made difference is homeopathy medicine for my son. I contacted Dr. esha karia from Mumbai.. She offers online consultation.. But you should follow the medicine like a daily ritual. You can check her videos in youtube my son talks in longer sentences now, plays with other kids.. Doesn't run around at home like he used to... He has issues with writing. I am working on it now. And helping him with social interaction.. Hope this helps in some way. Finally what we need is lot of love and patience.

Karyon 2018-02-07 03:19:41


Hi how is your son now. Please let me know any updates. My daughter too say alphabet numbers rhymes at 23 months. But don't point out.

abcd0 2018-02-07 08:26:45


Thanks for asking. My son has improved over time with the play group in school, OT classes for 8 months and speech for 3 months. He now points a little but isn't consistent. His name call response, social interaction has increased. His hyper activity is now a little purposeful. His speech has started with a few words now. First 2 months I saw drastic change after starting play group in school and OT from therapy center. After that the change is gradual.

ihope 2018-02-07 10:44:15


Hi ash3
Would you please explain more about homepathy medicines that you have been giving to ur son? 
hoa long have you been giving? how beneficial it is? 
would you recommend it for other kids who face similar issues? 

Does it have any side effects?

SOrry for many questions.. as we all know.. trying to find out options which would help them in any least way possible

Thank you


gx2018 2018-08-26 17:30:11


Hi ash3, my son is having the similar issue, he is 2 years old, please share ur suggestion and updates 

Esha7 2018-11-20 01:42:10


Hello, thank you for the sharing your experience. Homoeopathy has a lot to offer in autism, ADHD and neuro developmental delays. Only writing this because it would help parents find a solution . Here is the link to my you tube channel. Dr Esha Karia

Aarush2017 2018-12-20 18:31:11


I am having a similar concern about my 18 months old kid. I have identified some usual happening to my kid when he was 1yr old. All his developmental milestones were on time but he never sees the face, neither respond to name or some loud sound too. But he abruptly turns towards gadget if he hears a rhyme or looks at my face when I sing the rhyme.1) Not respond to name or whatever we speak2) No eye contact3) Doesn't point out at anything4) No words till now5) Pulls our hand if he wants anything but never points out6) Babble and hum the rhymes along with the rhythm. He will not speak but just hums 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. also "All through the town" or "I love you".7) Doesn't stay in one place for a min.

When he was 14 months old we consulted a child psychiatrist. She said "he is a high risk baby towards ASD. Its good that you parents identified so early and early intervention makes baby recover quick". She asked us to give ABA therapy and as I am a working mommy, when asked about daycare, the doc said that's ok to carry on in daycare along with therapy. Doc suggested a review after 2months by that time we can see any improvement.

We saw a difference and change at him that he used to respond sometimes at his name (1 or 2 in 10 times), follow the instruction if we ask for the activity the therapist did practice on to him. No pointing out but still pulls our hand. I did not see any change in sending him to daycare and he rather gets sick very often.

Meanwhile my in-laws are asking us to send him to them as they stay in another town ( 4-5 hrs of journeys from our place). After all, 2 months later, when we went for review she said he is still high risk baby towards ASD and when we asked for the suggestion she said ok to send him to my in-laws place. We also have no other option rather than stay with us as currently my hubby had to quit his job to take care of kid (taking him to therapy and then to day care, picking from daycare to home, feeding him) and I work for the whole day and reach home by then.

Sorry for detailing out so long, but I wanted to confess my concerns. I am confused too if he is high risk baby? If so, will he get set back to normal if I send him to my in-laws (Coz an advantage over there is in-laws move around always, huge interaction with some or the other and they spend a complete dedication towards my kid)

Looking forward to any response, this would really help me a lot.. as I am also very worried about my kid.


anmita 2019-01-30 12:09:38


Hi Aarush 2017

Wherever the child be - with you or with grandparents they need a one to one sessions on almost everything that the other children learn normally. Your child is young and it is best to start working in various areas with the child. At times you may feel that the child is not paying attention or is not understanding but it may not be the case. Keep talking to the child and keep him involved with you. You will start seeing the gains.


per83 2019-02-20 07:04:23


Hi Aarush2017, My son was 16 months old and he is doing all the things you have mentioned about your son. I'm worried. I want to check few things. can I talk to you ? if your ok. can you whatsapp your number to number is +61477732575.


sweetygal 2020-03-08 13:30:26


hi, how is ur kid now. my kid 17 months old. same issues. pls help

714soni 2021-03-12 02:38:30


 I m looking for help my son 21 month old he show symptoms like autism. Please help any suggestions or homeopathic treatments?

ramaero 2021-04-04 17:19:11


Hi can you pleas suggest the therapy center and doctor details that you have referred for your kid

Skady 2021-07-24 05:53:24


Hi ,

my son is also diagnised with ADHD .. but I highly doubt on this.. can you please let me know what therapy you did so that I can try the same to my son..



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