Toddler is grossly underweight n falling sick frequently

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Snehaaar 2016-12-04 13:07:41


hi all,

my 22 months daughter just weighs 9kg( birthweight 2.7kg, weight at 1 year 8.3kg). She is falling off the growth chart :-(  In the span of a month she caught viral fever twice. This time our regular pead was not available, so we went for another famous pead near by.

this new pead was quite surprised by the weight of my girl n she said as she is underweight that's why she has low immunity and so falling sick frequently. She is catching cold every now n then Inspite of me keeping all precautions n covering her with clothes. She does not go to play school yet. Always at home n sometimes park.

our usual pead just used to say as she is active don't worry, n she hardly used to get sick. but now as she is falling sick often, I'm forced to believe she needs to put on weight. She is quite active n fussy eater. Hardly there are foods which she loves. So my new pead has asked me to give her protein rich foods, increased her iron dosage,prescribed multivitamin drops, has given deworming medicine. Im quite upset that I should have gone for second opinion long back for her weight.  

Can someone help me with ideas to make her put on weight n also increase her immunity?.

Snehaaar 2016-12-04 21:01:33


Can someone plz help me plz :-(

pm3004 2017-03-08 11:33:04


Hi Snehaar,
My bub is 23 months old, and he too is a 9 pointer in terms of weight. As soon as he gains some weight, either he gets diarrhea or viral infection, and loses weight. I have started some homeopathy for him since past 2 months, and he is showing some improvement. However, my paed too mentions that it should be okay if the child is active. The development chart for each child is different, and we should not be disheartened if ours is not too steep. Our little ones will come along just fine. Stop stressing. :)


7018 2017-03-08 17:19:34


Go in for the right diet with temporary supplementation if required. You will have to try out to find your baby's likes and dislikes and mind you even they can keep changing and keep you on your nerves. Just patiently keep trying. As far as immunity building is concerned, apart from right food, homoeopathy will help you immensely. See a good homoeopath near your place who should be able to find the  correct medicine that will boost your baby's immune system. Small kids can fall in the poor immunity - infections - wt loss and no further wt gain - more poor immunity , bad appetite and more wt loss cycle. Take action before that happens.

Jyothikn2008 2018-04-17 15:56:49


give milk, Juice, and feed often.
I feel even chocolates are fine!
But.. ask if you can give some vitamind D drops.
let her play.. so that she is tired and eats well.


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