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MeenaSuresh 2010-07-22 15:49:58


hello All,

My son 19+, doesnt trouble much too eat, but he doesnt eat unsmashed foods, he eats only smashed food, though he have 6 teeth.

Pls suggest me some food for a week travel. I cant get the food smashed outside.Suggestions pls...



Bhu 2010-07-22 18:44:46


Hi Meena


U can carry flavoured milk in carton ( If u have given him earlier) Biscuits banana ( All this u can smash by hand) ...Does he have cerelac ...U can carry hot water if its short travel ..mix and give him ...Chapatis soaked in milk u can give ...infact even apple a good ripe one u can smash with ur hand and give ....bread buns cakes ...theres so much u can give after one year of age ...depending on his ability to digest and what all u have already tried in his diet ...he will have !




roses 2010-07-26 10:24:28



My son is 19mths old too and although he has all his teeth he prefers mashed food. Besides, curd and rice, dal rice we give him just plain chapati that he can nibbles on.

I wrote all this down and then realised that Bhu had almost covered it all in her post!! 

-Have you tried giving him soaked biscuits (in milk or tea).  The same way you can soak bread or toast in milk.

-in fruits, bananas are the best option. I am not too sure if he can handle grapes with 6 teeth, and at that stage for my son I used to cut them into 8 pieces and give them to him.

- Not too sure if you get apple pureed cups (prepacked). He will love that.

- Boiled and mashed green peas. Mashed potatos (from ready mix) are also some options that you can consider.

- Oatmeal and cereal with milk can be a meal in itself.


MeenaSuresh 2010-07-27 15:04:54


Hi Roses and Bhu ,

They are wonderful suggestions. Thanks. Biscuit in milk is a lovely idea. and the banana.

Lemme know if there are prepared food , which is like, cerelac, anything like that?


What is the name of the Mashed potato readymix?




NJ 2010-07-27 15:32:40


As Roses suggested bananas is the best if your kid likes it. Chickoo is also good. Nan3/Lactogen3, Cerelac, Nestum appropriate for your sons stage are good ready made options. Carry a kettle for boiling water. If you are travelling by train get the mineral water. Small cartons of canned juices - get the Real juice brand mixed fruit juice, as it does not have added flavor, color or preservatives. Gerber brand has lot of varieties of mashed up fruits, veggies and puddings in small jars. It is expensive but if you dont mind that you can stock up that before travel. It will be available in premium baby stores. Buy a couple of types in Gerber first and give it to your son before the travel to check if he likes it. Then buy more for the travel.


NJ 2010-07-27 15:36:41


Heinz brand also has mashed fruit and pudding in jars. They also have breakfast cereals that can be mixed in warm water. An expensive alternative to Cerelac, but it would offer wider range of tastes to choose from.


bcml 2010-07-27 17:42:53


Heinz is good as they have a good variety and helps to introduce different tastes and textures. Don't worry, the same thing happened with my son, he is now 21 months. Give him something new to try, but if he doesn't want it, don't worry. Try again, and again, and again. I kept trying a few times, on different days, finally he took it.

One other alternative is to boil potatoes and sweet potatoes, then mash it. Mix in some butter and also milk. Put more milk if you want a more runny consistency, once he gets the hang of it, then lessen the milk. Add salt and pepper to taste. My son loves it!


ria2010 2011-09-28 23:44:05






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