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deepshan79 2010-07-16 11:28:16


Hi Friends,

I have purchased the product of educational technologies called total development program for my son. The product is amazing and the way they have designed the books is really good. My son is 1.5 years old. I received the books last week. For the past two days after coming from office, I remove one book and try to read out to him. But he doesnt show the interest. Inspite of the books being colourful it is not drawing his attention. I find it difficult to make him sit with me even for a minute. His mind is more into playing. If i try to draw him towards the books, he gets and removes his toys and starts playing with them and running around. I know it may take some time for me to bring that interest in him. But can anybody help me with some tips on this as to how do I go about to make him sit with me for sometime.




poojaditi 2010-07-16 12:54:26


hi deepshan

i too purchased a board book for my 1.5 yr old daughter.but she throws it away and is not even interested to look at it.i kept trying for few weeks but at last she just went to the balcony and threw it! I thought maybe its not the right time n  she is too small for books. personally i feel its really difficult to keep toddlers stable and make them sit for something is very hard.its an age whn they want to move around and daughter cannot sit stable for 1 min,she roams abt in the house and explores things in the almirah ,kitchen,etc.she starts throwing things everywhere and likes to make a mess.the only thing where she can b kept stable is her swing.hey u can try putting ur son in the "baby jhoola(swing)" and maybe then u try to show him the books.but my personal experience is that toddlers like to be free and explore on their own,its difficult to make them do what we want.


aanchal 2010-07-16 14:14:03


i feel no kid is ever too small for books!! what needs to be taken care of is the material of book, the content etc. i started showing cloth books to my son when he was 2 months old. i would let him chew at them. then i picked up bathtime books which he played with in his bathtub..and then when he turned 8-9 months old, we started buying him board books. now he is very fond of buying new activity books. different kids have different interest areas. but as parents, we want to encourage reading habits. i would suggest a few things:

  • take your kid to bookstores like landmark, crossword and sit down with him in the toddler books section. show him couple of interesting books with sound, touch, smell features. these books are generally costly. its  a good idea to go to stores, read those books there and buy the less costly ones.
  • never show your impatience when it comes to books. your kid will smell something fishy here, as you normally dont 'enourage' him to play with his toy-truck, but u do that with the book. a lot of obvious encouragement actually takes away the real fun.
  • be a role cant expect your kid to sit down and read, if he hardly sees u reading. buy a couple of comic books for yourself and read them in his presence. it will have double benefits: you will have a nice time reading them and your son will learn to pick up books
  • keep his board books at his level in an open shelf. the power of taking and putting them at will should boost his interest level. if the books have to be taken out from a cupboard, there are chances he will feel trapped with them, until they are not kept back (which is in your hand, not his)
  • dont buy very expensive books. you will not allow him to play rough with the books then. and he will wonder 'where is the fun'. buy vikas, alka board books. they cost around 20-30 Rs and you wont feel your BP rising when he draws, pecks at them.
  • dont fret if he doesnt show his interest..sooner or later he will pick a book himself if you continue with these tricks patiently.

best wishes :)


deepshan79 2010-07-16 14:46:45


Thanks aanchal. I will try these techniques to bring the reading habit into my son.




mickey 2010-07-16 15:48:19


Hello Deepshan,

You have already got very nice tips and techniques from Aanchal. I however would like to tell you about the TL books. I too have bought the Values, Skills and Knowledge Series  for my 3yr old daughter.  As your son is just 1.5 yrs old,  try to show him books with some sound to start with, to get him interested.

Try using walter with a few books of Knowledge series which are suitable for his age.

There are many rhymes, animal sounds,  sound of aeroplane, helicopter, trains , ship, ambulance, Police jeep , fire engine , music from different instruments etc.

For e.g

1 Try   Book no 7  from Nature. The book has lovely rhyme on page 5 to start with(Rain cloud Forms). On page 6&7 , you will find clouds in different animal shapes which make sound. It will draw his attention. You can explore this book for storms  and wind sound too.

2. Book no 2 from Life  (Animal Friends)

3. Book no 1 from Life (Our Bodies)

4. Book no 14 from Science (Wheels and Wings). This book is too good and will draw his attention as it deals with buses, trucks, fire engines, police jeep, ambulance, aeroplanes, helicopters, ships, trains, monorail etc with sound. I am sure he will like this book. Just explore the activation points in these books and try to get him interested . U need to be patient to start with.  Do keep these books within his reach and let him remove them from the stand under your supervision.

5. Book no 21 from Our world(Music and Art). Show him some musical instruments  from this book. It has beautiful musical notes.

Book no. 19 is from our World(Every day life) which teaches good habits. He will start understanding after he turns 2 or so.

Don't be after him to read these books . Just keep them on the table and give him the walter to explore. I am sure , he will get hooked on to  these books with little effort and patience from your side.

Best of Luck...




 Former member 2010-07-16 16:01:10


whtz the age limit 4 such it helpful for 13 yr old??


mickey 2010-07-16 17:28:04


Hi Ishy,

My elder daughter who is 13 yr old also enjoys the Knowledge series of TL. Even we will enjoy these books. It is value for money.




Sarii 2010-08-03 16:29:59


 Hi aanchal,

Thanks for ur nice advice. I have 10 month old baby, Can u please suggest me the books which I can buy for her to start with.




aanchal 2010-08-03 20:00:22


hi sarika..i would advise you the same as above..board books, cloth books, plastic books with different physical concepts like texture, sound, movement or cognitive concepts like animals, rhymes, vehicles, colors, opposites, food etc etc..there are plenty of these cognitive concept books by vikas, alka and dreamland publishers at landmark. plus, any other book that u may find interesting and under budget.


shoban100 2010-08-05 01:32:36


Hi Mickey,

I read your reply to Deepshan's query.. I would really like to know from where could I get the books mentioned by you for my 2 year old kid...I am currently in Delhi/Hyd.



mickey 2010-08-05 09:44:46


Hello Shobhan,

The books which i have mentioned are Time life books which you will not get in market in  regular book stores.

You can get it from Time life office / Consultant. I will give you the address of TL office of Hyderabad. You can check out with them. Please check your inbox of parentree.

You can also visit  the website to know the products.




UmaNaren 2010-08-05 11:30:11


Hi Shoban,


If you are a Chennai Resident, do call up Mr.Bose(Time life consultant) on 9952030058. He can come over and offer you a Demo.



Ann123 2010-08-07 23:56:22


Hi All,

Good subject and interesting comments:)

Any idea how much the total package cost from educational technologies


Are there any other ooptions available; competetor to ET.





emailtosharad 2010-09-29 01:13:19


 Hi every body,

if you go to amazon and search for the books provided by eductional technologies knowledge series( time Life publication) or value series the cost  they are quoting as a pckage is too much. Also there you have the option to buy the individual one.

No doubt  i like the presentation but following is the cost they mentioned

English time: 44000

Early Learning Program: 20650

Child first library of values: 20650 

knowledge(child first library of learning): 35000

Maths: 20650

currently i am looking for these books seller in india it could be imported edition also i do not have to pay a lump sum amount.

the only disadvantage is i will not get the walter which they are offering.

also I am not sure my 2 year kid will sit and listen the walter 


sharad kumar



jdp 2010-09-29 06:42:15


 IMO, the Educational Technologies books are way too hyped up. You can get the same results by a low cost reading aloud program to your kids. Best reference I can give is Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care(Rs.147 at and read the chapter on reading aloud to your kid. It also has a lot of other useful information about child rearing. As aanchal rightly pointed out, it is important that you be a role model as well. We have been very successful in getting our daughter(2.5y) interested in books using the suggestions in the book. And I do read a lot myself too.


chandanamanjunath 2010-09-29 16:43:32


Hi Aanchal,

Thanks for the advice. I have got some plastic and cloth books for my son. He is 10 months old now. Seems like he is enjoying it.

Recently I came to know about Educational Technologies books. Is this the right time to purchase for my son.

Please advice.








Ratnam 2010-10-02 00:38:22


Hi Friends ,

Above is a very important discussion as we are loosing reading habits & more depending electronic things to learn . But nothing can substitue reading . 

As JDP said above Dr. Spokes book is a wonderful to start with .  I hv one more suggesion " Awakening Genius of a Child " written by Dr. Shakuntala Devi ( mAthematician ) . Rest whichever Achan has told are proven experiance with my son of 4 yrs 8 months . He started reading by a 4 years itself n hv shows good interest n books . Mostly I pick books during sale of all Crossword , Landmark n Old books ( street shopping .) Reading aloud with lot of sound modulation will be very much exciting fro kids .  Enjoy reading with your kids . Also , joining them a Phonics class once they can recognise small letter words will really help reading . 




Bose 2010-10-02 12:41:44


Aaanchal, They provide also trainig in how to tackle these issues? If you want the same i can get you the numbers of the contatacted pers. pls mention u r city


aanchal 2010-10-02 17:23:25


i am a book lover and just love to pick up books for myself and my kiddo when i am in a bookstore. i personally dont believe in buying so costly books in one go that you cannot pick up books now and then later.  i have gone through the demo of these times books and they are excellent. but i know my kiddo's nature that he feels excited to buy new things and explore rather than sticking to one old thing no matter how good. i also believe that there are many many books and toys in the market that are excellent in teaching concepts. plus, we can always use our creativity to do new things with our kids.

in my opinion, the biggest drawback of times book is that everything is offered in a plate to the child. all aspects are so carefully taken care of and explained to the child, that it may, in the long run, have negative effect on child's own capacity to explore and ask...perhaps, the capacity to discover is diminished by the overload of information. but thats my personal opinion and others may differ.


srsavi 2010-10-04 09:59:55


I also somehow was never inclined towards the expensive books , I have been picking up books for my son since he was 5-6 months plus got a lot of books from my neice and nephew .

My son  is 3 and has a range of almost 100 books to choose from when he sits to eat and during bedtime !   My advice is keep picking up the small books of stories and pohonetics , and if you get a second hand book shop buy in bulk . I do that usually !


itawer 2010-10-05 09:29:18


Very interesting views... somehow this discussion on timelife books keep on coming up in parentree.

I have bought the timelife knowledge & skills & also joined them as a consultant simply because I found them well researched and interesting. I extensively use books/toy libraries, so my child is not losing out on anything ( & I am not feeling that since I invested so much in the series, I cannot afford to get other books or toys for my kid)

Reading is an important skill that is developed early. I was reading to my son at 2 months. So now he has an inherent love for books & reading. That is why I am confident tht I have made a good investment in the time life books.

The concept behind these books is also to DEVELOP interest in reading & make the child approach books to find answers or help or entertainment. So it is a wonderful tool for the parents who as yet have not started reading to their kid & find that their child has No interest in books, It gives those parents a starting point to draw their kids into the love of reading. There is also a wonderful flexibility as regards the age at which the timeife books can be introduced as the content is so easily modifiable to the child's capacity and age.

Develop basic handling and appreciation of books first slowly thru non-expensive books.Then definitely invest in more expensive books but which can be used for at least the next 5 years or even more. Also, as regards the timelife books, if u r not confident of your usage or usefulness, opt only for one set at a time- the knowledge series or the skills series.

In short a parent can either encourage a habit or discourage it. All this material in form of books or toys are just tools to help. So any book or toy is USELESS by itself until a parent gets involved in getting MORE from that tool to develop their child's existing intelligence and curiosity!


AartiR 2010-10-05 10:11:33


Me too completely accept what itawer has written, I have bought the time life Knowledge, Skills and Values series amd they are worth it, my 3yr old kid as well has developed so much of love for these books that every evening I spend at least 1 hour reading these books. It is absolute fun, these books is very well researched and definitely helps to develop reading , learning skills in kids



simpreneur 2011-02-04 00:43:49



I am from Mumbai and new to this forum but could not resist from sharing my experience. I bought the Time Life series a few days back and have also joined them. I bought the entire TDP set and feel it is the best investment I could have made for my children who are 5 and 1.5 yrs. My belief was reinforced by the fact that as soon as my set was delivered today evening and I played the English time DVDs for my children, they were completed hooked, moreso my elder son. The younger one was so fascinated with the characters Sweepy and Zing that he instantly got their names and could distinguish them. And, this is just the first day...


ams1612 2013-02-07 16:24:01


My son is 1 year old.How to start his reading habit?I stay in a very small town.PLz tell me in details where i can what books for my child 



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