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poojaditi 2010-05-06 19:03:19


hi all.please help me i hav 16 months old toddler and i have two options : first is to join a mother toddler program where i hav to accompany my daughter and the second is toddler's club where i will not hav to accompany her. both the preschools offering the two different programs are well reputed. i m confused which one to select.

mickey 2010-05-06 22:31:00


Hi Pooja,

If you don't mind , I would like to ask you   why do u want to put your 16 months old baby into pre-school ?

If at all you have to decide, I feel  the first option is always better where you can accompany your little daughter than leaving her alone at this stage.




poojaditi 2010-05-07 13:18:26


hi mickey

thanks for ur reply. actually both the programs are specifically designed for this age group (1 to 2 years old). since i hav no kid of this agegroup in my sorrounding and we r a nuclear family, i felt she needs to play with kids of her age .the purpose is just to let her be in the company of other kids of her agegroup and let her play with them! but to b frank i was also a bit hesitant to let her go alone.

Thanks a lot ur suggestion matters a gre8 deal.



Ruchi02 2010-05-07 17:16:36



I have a 19m toddler who is attending a playschool since five months now. Initially was a bit reserved on the notice but the experience has been good. My daughter has grown well and has good interaction/fun time with other kids of her age group.

I do not attend it with her.



poojaditi 2010-05-11 14:57:25


hi ruchi thanks for ur reply.but i have made my decision not to let her be alone!

as a mother i m very scared for my daughter.i m like this ,i dont know why?

stilll many thanks for ur reply,its valuable!


Ruchi02 2010-05-11 15:37:43


 Enjoy the experience!!


mickey 2010-05-11 19:11:29


Hi Pooja,

Good decision. Do accompany but don't be with her always. Let her play with others and have fun independently. You can sit in some corner initially and go to another room/place in the same campus gradually once she is confident that you are somewhere around ...





poojaditi 2010-05-13 14:00:30


hi mickey

thanks a lot for ur suggestions,i'l keep it in mind.being a mother for the first time i feel sooooooo confused but ur suggestions help me.


Archie6 2010-06-10 16:07:52


Hi Pooja,

   Hope your mother toddlers program is going great. Currently I am looking this kind of program in my surrounding. Where do you live? I live in GK-1. Please let me know if you are aware of any such programs in south delhi.





poojaditi 2010-06-30 12:15:24


hi archie.I live in Surat(gujarat). sorry i wud not be able to help u as i dont know about south delhi.hey but u can always search the net and keep track of advertisements that appear in local newspaper.I came to know about this program from newspaper addv.

take care



Rathinavel 2010-10-05 10:25:55


Hello pooja

we are also living in surat. Recently shifted from bangalore to surat. we don't know much about surat. my son is completing his 2 year by this december. could u please expalin the Mother Toddler program u were talking.

Could you pl also share about the good pre-schools here.

thanks in advance




poojaditi 2010-10-08 15:23:54


hi Rathinavel

the mother toddler program that i know about is in "Fountain head preschool",which is near sargam shopping centre,at parle point.They offer mother toddler program which is a 6 months program for mother toddlers,3 days a week(alternate days of the week),the mother has to compulsarily  accompanychild and its duration is 1hr 30 mins per day, a break of about 10 mins will be given in between.

initially i was interested to join it but due to some personal reasons i was not able to join it,which was to start in june2010.instead i waited for few months and admitted my daughter in preschool from september 2010 in roots to wings preschool (piplod centre),she is 21 months old and is enjoying at her school! i see a positive development in her.well since this school was close to my place so i chose it,otherwise there is other good playschools too,one of them which i was recomended when i was new to surat is "Kangaroo Kids",but it was not nearby and its fee was high.fee at roots to wings is 30,000 including one time meal+study books,etc.the playschool is 5 days a week,2hr 30mins daily.they take kids starting frm 18months old to 2+,their only condition is the kid must know walking. one of their branch is in Ghod dhod road too.

Ifu need more info pls feel free to ask me as i am still searching things here.i still feel new here! All the best


Rathinavel 2010-10-09 14:13:52


Thanks Pooja. thanks for sharing.  i checked the website of "root to wing"... its a cool pre-school. i should check this before checking somthing else.

How are u managing the commutation.  we are staying in Udhana which is 4km away from Ghod Dhod road. how is the school transportation?

Any idea about "Hill Nursery" and "Sri Sri Ravishankar vidya mandir"?

Thanks and Regards



poojaditi 2010-10-09 23:20:30


hi rathinavel

the centre of roots to wings(piplod centre) provides van transportation,but i prefer to drop and pik her up myself as its less than half kilometer from my idea about the ghod dhod road centre. I m sorry but i dont have any idea abt  "Hill Nursery" and "Sri Sri Ravishankar vidya mandir". One thing i wud suggest is that try to find a playschool which is nearby ur place,so that extra time is not wasted in transportation or else the kid will b exhausted and may not enjoy as much.i dont know much abt Udhana,actually i am so preoccupied with household chores and my child that right now i have no time to explore surat city much,my husband is very busy too.Hope u find a good playschool soon,trust me the kids just love to b there with other kids and have fun along with learning!


poojaditi 2010-10-11 14:08:52


hi rathinavel

in todays edition of times of india there is an advertisement of "Fountainhead preschool",admission for playgroup is open and session wud start from December 1st,2010.U can chek it out if u like to.their no. is (0261)2259538 and 3106136.

address is: Fountainhead preschool,"Mehta Bhuvan",Behind sargam shopping centre,surat.



Rathinavel 2010-10-12 10:46:55


Thanks Pooja..  looks like Fountainhead will take out my head for my sons study... just is too costily.. govertment has to implement the regulations as eraly as posible to save the parents. God bless all the parents.

charges in "Root to Wing" will be OK for me. i am planning to go to the school and check the possibilities.

As u said, for pre-schools it will be g8 if we get a good schools near to our house. the main purpose of sending him to school is to mingle with other kids and learn the language.


poojaditi 2010-10-12 13:58:44


hi Rathinavel

Yeah i agree with u they charge too much fee! Playgroup is meant for kids to socialize with other kids and take away the fear of leaving the parents and going to school for few hours.hope u find a good playschool soon for ur kid.All the best.



n8 2011-01-08 18:56:10


hey can anyone tell me a good toddlers club in south delhi where i can also accompany my daughter....



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