toddler not eating food suddenly

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Friends i would appreciate if you can give some suggestion in case you were in same situation.My 2.5 yr old daughter is a regular eater.She takes dosai for break fast and rice mashed in mixie along with rasam for lunch and dinner.Evening she will take chapathy/poori/adai/rava dosai for tiffin and dinner rasam rice as usual.
Milk in morning afternoon ,evening and night.She is normal in for past 2 weeks she is crying like nything seeing the rice mix and refusing to consume even one spoon.I got annoyed and worried.One day i forcefully gave her rice.still she cried n consumed 2 to 3 spoons.Then i thought i should leave it for while and start after a week.But she faced problem in passing motion since her intake was not sufficient.i asked my husband to support me by holding her in his lap and tried giving her food.for 4 days she consumed but was occasionally she was not even ready to sit in my husband's lap.she is nodding her head and running thinking is only with blank spaces.Any suggestions/same exp pls share ur solutions and views.
Lakshmi Prasannan

PoojaSharma123 2015-04-29 20:25:22


What i can say is that, the more you let her eat on her own, the better she will eat in ling run.

S2705 2015-04-29 22:03:49


I've seen a similar problem with a little one in my family. Since u say her age is 2.5 this could be teething problm. Thts wat happend with us. The first teeth came out fine bt she started having alot of problm at 3. She stopped eating n despite not eating started having upset stomach. She also used to hold her head as if having headache. We visited the dr.who told us tht teething is the problm. Gave her gripe water regularly n gave her cold food. Milk shakes n home made juices. More liquid diet with minimum spices. also the dr. gave something to rub over gums to help in the pain n itching. You can try to press her gums with ur fingers to knw if thts the problm. Also u can visit a dr. once to make sure tht she has no infection in her stomach. 
Hope this can help n ur little one gets out this trouble soon. All the best.

shilpagajendra 2015-04-30 11:55:27


hi akshi18,
tryout something new. sometimes kids get bored of repetitive things. chk pristine first bite beginings in corn/wheat/ other flavors. 
you can get it on
also tryout some new recipes upma/poha/pav-bhaji etc



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