My 13 month old son does not speak at all!!

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Hinanki 2012-05-22 16:40:38



I have a 13 month old son who does not speak even a single word. He keeps babbling all day. We keep talking to him through out the day and also try teaching few basic things but he does not seem to catch on. He understands very few things we say and responds only when he feels like otherwise he does not pay attention to us if he is engrossed in playing. As per my observation (and other family members too) he seems to have average intelligence but is not ready to communicate yet!! 

I'm worried!! Any suggestions/comments would help....

jishnu2008 2012-05-23 18:03:41


 Hi Hinanki,

I think you should go ahead and consult a doctor and if required, go for a speech therapy...though some children take some time to pick up words...

all the best...



Nafees 2012-05-23 21:01:10



Just wanted to check as to what are you expecting from your son right now? hope he must be saying something in his language as to baa baa boo boo orsomething...My son 15months old says papa or mumma occassionally... and kids of his age in the building are also in the same stage and none of the parents are too worried. So though would share this with you.


Hinanki 2012-05-26 20:35:53


 Hi Jishnu,


We did visit a speech therapist and as per her evaluation he is just tooooo hyper-active and hence his attention span and concentration is lesser than required and hence he is not learning to speak. She has suggested some activities ti enhance his concentration and communication. Lets hope these work out....

I still am worried though.



Hinanki 2012-05-26 20:57:22


 Hi Nafees,

He does a lot of babbling like baa-baa, ta-ta-ta, de-de etc. but he has not started saying any concrete words. Moreover he does not even point out to things or wave bye-bye. We try to teach him few words and actions but he not is inclined to repeat or imitate us much. he does understand a few things and he seems to using his mind in lot of other things except communication. He is just too hyper-active and doesn't sit at one place for more than a few seconds. Don't really know if everything is ok with him...


Nafees 2012-05-26 22:18:03



hi Hinanki,

I checked with Nafees's doc yesterday when i took him for checkup, asking the doc as to whether i need to be alarmed about Nafees ince he too hasn't started saying anything concrete like ur son when he is already 15 the doc asked me few question as to whether he turns around when his name is called (he turns 90% of th ime)?? whether he follows few instructions to what we say(Nafees does it about 50% of the time)? whether he waves bye bye(Nafees does it 80% of the time) so the doc said nothing to worry as BOYS take a little more time compare to girls and they should tart saying few words by 18 months and small sentence of 2-3 words by 2yrs or nothing to worry much as suggested by the doc. Doc asked to keep on repeating things to the child..and slowly he'l pick itup...


Hinanki 2012-05-28 11:40:56


 Hi Nafees,


My son (Vyom) does respond to his name called at times when he is not busy in his playing but he follows very very few instructions and does not wave bye-bye...

Am a bit worried but i'll hv to wait and watch...

Lets hope he starts communicating soon...


 Former member 2012-05-29 10:51:02


Please act do not hope, you need to start early intervention for the child, you start at the age of 2 there will be immense benefits for the child. Try comdeall if you are in bangalore.


 Former member 2012-05-29 10:53:37


@nafees regular paediatricians have no clue about autism or other developmental delays my son was not talking at the age of 1.5 the paediatrician said nothing wrong with him at the age of 2.2 he was DX with autism, we wasted 7 months where he could have got therapies, he is under rigorous thearpy now and showing lot of improvments.


Hinanki 2012-05-29 15:15:41


 Hi Spaceandtime,

Wat are the other symptoms u observed in your child's behaviour? Was he perfectly normal other than the speech delay?? 

I've been to a speech therapist and she has advised some activities to improve his attention span and language grasping. Since he is 13 and half months old, she says its a 'slight' delay.


 Former member 2012-05-29 16:27:25


There are so many early symtoms, let me list a few.

1. Name call response your child everytime should respond to name.

2. Pointing at things.

3. Easily irritable or attention deficit.

4. Hyperactivity. 

What I realiazed is speech is only one thing. With my son we came to know through the speech delay, but later we realized he has hyperactivity as well, and other sensory issues, like oral motor issues. Every child is different !! Speech therapist is ok but you should to go a developmental paediatrician for complete eval.


nadia 2012-05-30 01:20:33


hi, my son is 15 months he too doesn't speak much.Last month I consulted a evaluator who suggested some tips like giving him solid foods, encouraging him to chew, giving him stimulating toys, she asked me to make him sit on lap and babble like him and slowly incorporate word when he is trying to copy.... she even recomended me to take him to a daycare for say an hour or two  where he could learn more from other children, she said I could accompany him to make him feel comfortable.

You can try these for few months and see. meanwhile watch out for other social skills too like social smile, response to name, showing self protecting skills etc if these are also not there you better consult a specialist... As much as I know if a child does not speak until 15 months then you need to worry... Don't forget to record his milestones too..



aky123 2015-02-08 11:33:43


Hi hinanki Now how is our baby doing....its been 2 years now. I have a son of 2 years of age. He is showing similar symptoms as of urs. Just thought to get ur sugessation.

Helloitsme 2017-10-28 16:23:06


Hi everyone, 
My son has issues in speech, he used to speak many words when he was aged 1 year then due to separation with father and then with me as I had to start working he has stopped talking. He is 2.5 years now and sometimes show improvements though, can anyone help me with the suggestions what can be done in this scenario?


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