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ayaM 2012-01-17 17:16:12


 My son is 14 months and babbles constantly, sometimes he is even singing in his own language. He runs arounds and has started jumping too, but can just about speak about 4-5 words... My daughter around the same age was much more advanced when it came to communicating!! He gets whatever he wants by pointing and pulling us to where his need is.

 Also I feel he's bow-legged, people tell me thats because he started walking when he was 8 months!  

Pl do share your thoughts on this, as I feel I need to reach out to parents with toddlers!!



NJ 2012-01-18 00:01:52



Each child, even if its siblings are unique. So do not compare them. For 1 1/2 year old child he seems to be ok. As long as he can understand instructions and respond to name calling he is fine. And you say that he can speak a few words and points also. All these appear to me that he is doing fine.

Regarding bow leggedness, some children tend to be bowlegged and the legs straighten after toddler hood. But sometimes a physiotherapist would teach you massages to try straighten legs. Sometimes pediatricians may want to put the leg in a cast for sometime- talk to your pediatrician about your concern on his bow legs. Additionally you may want to give Vit D supplement for few months-- talk to his ped if its required.


ayaM 2012-01-18 21:47:01


Thanks NJ,

I did speak to a couple of docs, who said its ok, it will straighten out, but I just feel that he might need some attention for his legs.

Anyway, I'll definitely meet another doc for an opinion!

Thanks a lot for ur inputs!





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