Teaching tips for infants

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BijalC 2011-10-29 01:33:57


Hi All,

I am a mother a twins and they have just turned 9 months. I wanted to know the best way to start teaching them things. any help would be useful. Thanks


DEvD 2011-10-29 22:29:16



let them enjoy their infanthood., whats the hurry. I didnt do anything for my son when he was that age, but at 2, he has begun to talk and is pickin things fast




RoshMom 2011-10-30 09:32:47



Teaching babies doesn't always mean you teach them to say rhymes or alphabets, numbers and colors. This is the age when they develop their cognitive skills. So you can help them improve them thro various activities.

first and foremost, keep talking to your kids about anything and everything you do. while cooking, putting the clothes for washing in the machine, travelling, eating even while opening a tap or turning on the switch. anytime you talk about what you do and abt what happens.  Take them to the park. Show them different colored flowers, leaves, stones, kids playing. anything you see around you. Kids are always fascinated by animals and bugs. So try to find critters, dogs, cows.. .   

You can help them improve their motor skills thro finger and action songs such as if you are happy and u know it, this little piggy, where is thumbkin, old knicker bocker, down by the rivers of hanky panky, ten little horses, wheels on the bus etc. You can sing and do actions and after a few days they know what to expect and they will try to imitate you when you sing.  Show them brightly colored pictures in the books. tell them lots of small stories with actions and tones and expressions. I remember when i read bruno stories to my little one. I used to ask questions like where is bruno, where is doggy, ducky, how did bruno cry when he got lost, . He used to show signs and imitate at the age of 1 yr. When you read with expressions, they learn to understand about the feelings like sad, happy, angry, bored etc.. You can show them the kids in the park and tell them how happy the kids are while laughing and playing.   

You can give them a soft ball to roll.  As they start to get better pincer grip at this stage, you can provide them with a toy with different motions such as pull, press, twist, toggle, squeeze, open etc. They are so curious they want to know the cause and effect with everything. For the same reason when you hand over a toy or a spoon to them, they throw it down  to see if you are going to give it back to them. When you give them the toy for the first time, do not show what to do with them. let them explore. If they can't get it, then you can show them what happens when a button is pressed or a string is pulled.   

Babies learn thro touch, hearing and taste. So get some cloth / board books with different textures and toys/ book with sounds.you can also try the stacking rings/cups, soft blocks. Play different types of music not necessarily only the rhymes. play any nice music.  

Get a couple of pull along toys or moving toys to encourage them to walk which will be their next major milestone.



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