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During the cultural fiesta, the school invited students and their parents, causing the rush in the parking lot. Due to many vehicles, there was traffic which led to an argument. When I called the management team, they quickly arrived and resolved the problem.


As a parent, I was delighted when my child won the interschool quiz competition. The award-winning function was held with great enthusiasm, and the motivation provided by teachers and the principal gave every student hope for a better future.


Best academics in my opinion is the major concern for every parent out there, i was also concerned about the same. And even while enrolling my child to the Orchid I was not sure because many people have told me that school's academics are not good they said it just have a good infrastructure and nothing else. But at that time I didn't had any other option because we were new to the city and we're late in the admission so I admitted my child to the school. But in the following year I have witnessed the growth of my child. And I am happy that I took this decision.


As my kid got into higher class, I became concerned that I would no longer be able to help her in her studies, and thus her performance would suffer. My concerns were unfounded, as the teachers at Orchids work hard to ensure that students understand their lectures and perform well in exams.


My child is a bright student, but some things require more attention and time to understand fully. Orchid offers remedial sessions, which helped my child understanding of the topic better.


My kid told me that there was some dust collecting on the fans in her classroom. Because my child is allergic, I reported the problem to the Orchid team, who swiftly had the fans cleaned. I'm impressed by the Orchid staff's quick response.


My child was weak at English because earlier the school in which he was studying they used to focus much on Hindi and i consider both the languages are of the same importance. So I decided to enroll him to the orchid he is here since 3-4 years and I informed about the issue I m facing with my child on which they assured me that they will give personal attention to the child. And literally I can see the changes in him.


I wanted my children and their friends to understand the importance of tree planting, so I brought this suggestion to the Orchid staff, who agreed. A week later, they organized a programmed in which they taught the students about the benefits of tree planting. I'm glad our new generation realized the value of trees, and I can't thank the Orchids enough for that.


Before enrolling my son at the Orchids, he had a bad habit of focusing on other things while studying. However, at the Orchids, the teachers make every effort to make the subjects interesting and simple to understand. They also use animation to make any topic simple to grasp. Every day, I see my son's eagerness to go to school.


We are satisfied by the safety measures at Orchids. We know that once our daughter is on campus, she is completely secure . The provisions of entry cards, always being directed by teachers is really Good.


When we first came for face-to-face interview of my child for admission in Orchid, she was really happy as the staff was really good and helpful. But as soon as she entered the Principal's cabin she got nervous. However, the principal was so nice and friendly that she relaxed and interview went good. Coming outside she said I want to study in this school. She is in 2nd standard and till now she has the same enthusiasm.



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