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pankaj9 2019-11-03 18:05:09



My daughter is turning 2 yrs in November'19 and we are planning to put her to pre-school. Can someone guide which is the best playgroup in Thane West near Tulsidham or Vasant Vihar area ?

When can we put her to Nursery standard and what are the options available ?

Thank you.


74julian 2019-11-04 18:05:52


Hi Pankaj. First of, my perspective, she's too young to pre-school or even playgroup. Why and how you ask? Let's see. The most important thing that comes first is, that she's too young as i've said already and more over she needs to be with her parent/family at this age. Secondly, it's time to teach her alphabets, rhymes and numbers. It will be great experience for her doing that at home with her mom and grandparents. I have so much that I can share and help you along the way. But for now, specifically, the right time for pre-school/playgroup is 3 year's and above. Then get her admitted to LKG. And make sure this pre-school is following Montessori. Hope iam helpful. Thank You.

aniketdg 2019-11-14 13:33:17


Can someone share with me feedback on Rainbow Preschool, Manpada?
I am looking for advice on good preschool in and around Manpada?



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