ICSE or IG or CBSE - Dombivli

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SukeshMarla 2019-10-20 02:55:55


I know its kind of repeated question. Its already asked by other previously but the thing is they are pretty old now and I believe situation and quality must have changed now.

I have two questions. One which board to choose - ICSE, IG or CBSE
I  believe in creative and logical thinking so Maths and science is going to be most important.  At the same time I dont want to under estimate sports and other activities.

Kindly share your thoughts please.

Also I stay near Khambalpada (Dombivli) - Which school is recommended - I thought about podar international Kalyan but I am not sure if Kalyan franchise hold the quality of original brand. Omkar is another I thought of but heard from some that quality of Omkar is degraded now.

KIndly share your thoughts :)


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