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Akanungo 2019-06-09 09:17:24


Hello,my daughter got admission in Jr KG, please add me to the Jr KG whatsup number is 8108735823

Nirav48 2019-06-09 11:53:09


Is the school uniform at sunitidevi same as Sulochana Devi uniform ?

monaligd 2019-06-09 19:30:49


pls add my no. +91 9920452514, my daughter got admission for Nursery

monaligd 2019-06-09 19:31:42


Has anyone purchased the uniform

Gody2911 2019-06-10 12:10:49


Yes.. School Uniforms are available. We got the uniforms. Only Jr KG was out of stock which will be available on Wednesday

2011taani 2019-06-10 13:12:59


From where did you buy the uniforms

Pami1306 2019-06-10 13:38:38


Raymond shop. Adjacent to JK main gate.

Nirav48 2019-06-10 13:39:38


Is the school uniform. For sunitidevi and Sulochana Devi same ?

2011taani 2019-06-10 14:51:29


Thank you and what about the books

rajwsha 2019-06-10 18:59:55


Is the uniform same for Suniti and Sulochna?


Neetu234 2019-06-11 10:51:35


Please add this no. 9619384134 in 6th standard WhatsApp group. My daughter name Mishty.

Sevenseas11 2019-06-11 17:17:35


Yes..the uniform is the same... we had thought it would be a bit they are charging more than double the fees of old Singhania school

Sevenseas11 2019-06-11 17:18:41


Does anyone have any idea about the timetable...and what is to be taken to school on Day 1? Which books/stationary? Or only tiffin and water bottle?

Pami1306 2019-06-11 20:43:17


Uploaded image


dadagoda 2019-06-12 00:06:08


My son is in nursery staying at puranik city GB road please add my no 9867086236 to nursery whatsup group Regards

dadagoda 2019-06-12 00:09:36


Even we are not happy with uniform as well as FBS bus

sanjaysharma 2019-06-12 13:26:35


How can we get update circular from sunitidevi for JrKG batch

sanjaysharma 2019-06-12 13:27:41


Any specific WhatsApp group for JrKG?? Kindly revert or add me in the group 9967365326

rajwsha 2019-06-12 18:44:14


Do we need to shorten the skirt for girls as it is too long.

Hzl4 2019-06-13 21:11:24


Ne body frm 4th std?? Plz share ur contact no


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