Eurokids Franchise Unfair safety and privacy terms and condition breach

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HonestDa 2018-06-06 02:16:24


found this true as eurokids franchie make parents sign security doc for kids and data sharing of documents shared by the parents like Aadhar and PAN card to others internally and 3rd parties.

why does Eurokids allow such documents to franchise only??
their own coco branches do not make you sign such documents, so why franchises?

read below posted by a parent
Eurokids admission form terms and conditionsI went to one of eurokids centres near harlur road, Bangalore. I got shocked by seeing the terms and conditions. 
How can some one keep such policies when parents are paying enough and sending their cute little ones to the school.

Their policy says school is not responsible for loss or injury happens to the child in school or van etc.. that too mentioned in multiple places. Thank god i read it thoroughly before signing. 

Parents, please take care of these things before you send your little ones to any school.

HonestDa 2018-06-06 02:18:27


This applies to thane branches as well


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