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Anshu27 2018-09-20 18:49:00


Thanks alot. Yupps LL be shifting to Lodha splendora. Just a question Is cp Goenka is worth it. And if I wait for Sulochana Singhania school.. Then what u suggest for nursery, Where to go for this.

ImDeepakSharma 2018-09-20 20:24:38


1. CP Goenka is a good school in your options. Please visit the school for once and then take the final. But for one year I don't recommend this school.

2. There are many good pre-schools are available near Lodha Splendora. It's the matter of only 1-Year. You can go for any options which suit your budget or enrol her in any phonics class which is also available in the Lodha Splendora Complex. 


Anshu27 2018-09-21 14:46:27


Could u plz share some details about phonics class in Lodha splendora.

VanditDeshmukh 2018-09-22 11:27:24


Hello Mr.Deepak, First of all, a big thank you for the detailed experiences which you have shared here. We are living in dahisar and we have only visited CP Goenka in borivali (their new branch) and it seemed really good. And we were told that it is CBSE and ICSE board 6th standard onwards. Till 5th, it is a blended learning. Rest of the schools will start their process october onwards and Goenka new branch has offered to waive off the admission fees if it is finalized before september end (that's a good tactic). I wanted to know your views on Cambridge board ( Rustomjeee dahisar, etc.). Not sure how well it is recognized in India , for ex. in any entrance exams in future, etc. And it also seems very expensive. I have heard they have application based learning, and it might be difficult for Indian student to handle any Indian exams later. Is it worth checking Cambridge schools?

VanditDeshmukh 2018-09-22 11:36:23


Also, did you check Nalanda Public school in Mulund? I have heard it's a good CBSE school. By the way, we are seeking admission for Nursery, and we prefer to keep the child in one school from start to end for his own better performance. We can even consider shifting to Thane and anywhere else near to school. As of now, we approached only CP Goenka in borivali , it's a completely new branch starting from June 2019, so infra wise I feel it would be great (they are renovating the earlier college premises into a school). Fees is manageable, but is it worth it?

ImDeepakSharma 2018-09-22 13:42:59


Hi Ashish Patil

There are many blogs, articles are available with the detailed comparison between STATE vs CBSE vs ICSE vs IGSCE vs IB on the internet. Please go through it and take a final decision. 

As per my understanding, mostly the syllabus in every board is the same as or similar to some extent till Grade 5 and Grade 6. Things change completely in higher grades depending on the board. Personally, I respect each and every board. But the most important part is the teaching methods. Which is now plays an important role in a student's life. 

So read all the articles which are available on the internet and take a final call. Remember, you have the opportunity to change the board if your child has difficulty to cope up. I have 3 kids, the first two are in Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Thane (IGSCE Board) and third will join Rustomjee in 2020. Currently, I am very happy with the teaching method of RCIS. This is their first year in this school. My previous experience with Ryan International School, Mumbai (ICSE-Board) was really bad. I don't blame ICSE board but the school management and the teaching staffs are the worst in this school. I have many friends who recommended me IGSCE Board. Earlier I had the same dilemma as most of the parents has, that's why took the decision. 

Some Schools I recommend in Thane-based on my research till June 2018. 

State Board: Vasant Vihar, Saraswati; St. Xavier's with Reasonable Fees

ICSE: Singhania (affordable and best in this category); Euro (Expensive) and CP Goenka (Highly Expensive) and also Hiranandani Foundation School (Best and Expensive), But the only problem is from this year 2018-19 they have stopped the admission for outsiders (means they give admission only to Hiranandani Flat Owners)

CBSE: New Horizon (Affordable), Sri Maa (Reasonable); D.A.V Public School (Reasonable); Lokpuram Public School (Reasonable) 
Avoid Rainbow International and Orchids International (Very Expensive and value for money) 

I hope this will help you and parents like us!!!

Deepak Sharma


ImDeepakSharma 2018-09-22 13:52:49


Dear VanditDeshmukh 

I strongly recommend you Rustomjee Cambridge, Dahisar (Fees Affordable, in this category). Go for it. My kids are in Rustomjee Cambridge. my elder brother son is Rustomjee Cambridge pass out and now pursuing for Rustomjee Business School. Both management is very good. Tanya Valecha (School) and Hanif Kanjer (A level) 

Second Option, Chatutbhuj Narsee School (Highly Expensive, But Worth it)

ImDeepakSharma 2018-09-22 13:55:27


Dear VanditDeshmukh

Sorry, I don't have any idea this school (Nalanda Public school in Mulund). 

I strongly recommend you Rustomjee Cambridge, Dahisar (Fees Affordable, in this category). Go for it. My kids are in Rustomjee Cambridge. my elder brother son is Rustomjee Cambridge pass out and now pursuing for Rustomjee Business School. Both management is very good. Tanya Valecha (School) and Hanif Kanjer (A level) 

Second Option, Chatutbhuj Narsee School (Highly Expensive, But Worth it)

VanditDeshmukh 2018-09-22 15:40:22


Thanks. Any idea about VIBGYOR High? It is offering ICSE and CBSE. Regarding my doubt about Rustomjeee Cambridge, I am a little unaware of the acceptance of Cambridge board in India , be it college admissions, minimum % criteria in job search, entrance exams (do Cambridge students find it difficult to crack indian exams or compete with cbse students, etc) . Eg. Almost all colleges or companies ask for minimum 70% in CBSE or ICSE board, etc. I have not come across requirements from a Cambridge pass out student. Do people really know about this board in India? For the Rustomjeee Business School , is it that a Cambridge student gets through it easily?

NNS1980 2018-10-06 09:27:16


I will be relocating to Kolshet road Thane kid will be seeking admission for 8th in 2019 .I wanted to know CBSE schools with reasonable fees near my place as I am new to Mumbai ..I also want to know whether they follow NCERT books and which schools give options for third language(Sanskrit) my child don't understand Marathi it would be difficult for him to learn the same in high would be a great help if u give any info regarding the same. Thanx

VanditDeshmukh 2018-10-06 10:43:28


I have heard that Nalanda Public School on the eastern express highway in Mulund is a good CBSE school. For further details, you may contact them.

Rickin 2018-10-06 14:24:43


My daughter has been changing schools very frequent due to house shifting she has been to vibgyor high Malad East Icse nursery to grade 1 Nanavati vile parle Icse grade 2 And now in new horizon school cbsc grade 3 Vibgyor was good in studies but fees are too high 10% hike every year Poor management Principal keeps changing Nanavati was ok according to it's fees New horizons best what I have seen till date Fees are ok not so high not so low Studies are good Management is best I have never seen schools managing so well Be it school in time or leaving time Bus management Emergency Management At high rains all students were sent by bus to home even those who were not enrolled with bus And parents are well informed before time They work like team and that makes them so good Till now I am so happy with the school that I don't wish to move to any other place Also board change for my daughter was not an only Marathi subject starts from grade 1 Rest all nearly same Thank you Deepakji for your information Was very helpful As I didn't knew much schools in thane And your information saved lot of my time and energy.

shardul 2018-10-06 15:05:01


Which foreign language is taught as a subject in curriculum at Billabong High International School Thane

kdkc11 2018-11-01 16:10:50


Vasant Vihar school has been converted to ICSE board since last year. Just an update for parents looking for ICSE admission.

ImDeepakSharma 2018-12-03 19:21:33


Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School - FOR ADMISSION 2019-20About School Information, Please visit:

School Website:


Admission Procedure: 


  • The School believes in absolute transparency with regard to its admissions.
  • Prospective parents are requested to check up the School Website from time to time, to ensure that they do not miss the dates.
  • All admissions to the school are online.
  • Any wrong information on the application form will amount to disqualification.
  • Admissions are based on random sampling.
  • Recommendation/request letters regarding admission will amount to a rejection of the application. Kindly do not meet the school authorities regarding such matters.
  • The school does not accept any favours, by way of donations or capitation fees. We advise the parents to stay away from people who promise admissions in exchange for money.
  • The Admission Committee reserves its rights on issues regarding admission.
Dear Parents,

 Important Dates:

  • Forms will be available online from 3rd December 2018, 12 noon to 12th December 2018, 12 noon.

Admissions are open to all children born between 1st October 2018, and 30th September 2015 (both days inclusive). There will be no relaxation on the age criteria.

Payment Details: 

  • Payment of Rs. 750/- (plus transaction charges as applicable) to be made towards application charges. Please note that 'œapplication to the school'" does not mean selection.
  • Payment mode is online. It can be made either by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net banking.
All the detailed Admission Details, Procedure, Terms & Conditions are attached to this link. Kindly download and read all the details.



I hope this helps to all the parents who are seeking admission in this esteemed school.

Thanks & Regards,
Deepak Sharma

Biku 2018-12-20 23:46:43


Which one is better school Lokepuram or new horizon school.

Biku 2018-12-20 23:49:44


We r from Kolkata.we have visited these two school for 7 and 5 standard so which one is good for our children.

Biku 2018-12-21 08:17:25


Thanks for your information but can u suggest me which one is better lokepuram or new horizon.

ImDeepakSharma 2019-01-05 01:32:14



Lokpuram is a good school with high records and New Horizon is a new school with decent records. New horizon is slightly expensive and good infrastructure and Lokpuram sounds low with regards to infrastructure. 


dipti02 2019-01-07 18:46:00


Hi Deepak,  Hows study in Rustomjee school Thane? and hows the focus on extra curricular activities.? 


ImDeepakSharma 2019-01-08 13:53:35



I have already reviewed Rustomjee and shared all the information on this forum. Please go through it. 

For your information, my two sons are in Rustomjee. 

Currently, I'm satisfied with the academics experience. The School has a lessor focus on sports. The management has assured that they will solve the problem and satisfy this need within this year. 

For more information about the school. Please visit the below link Ÿ"—

I hope this helps



AshishPatil 2019-01-09 08:46:27


Hi Deepak, It's really helpful to see all the reviews crisp and clear. Thank you very much. I saw that you have not shared anything on Universal High school. Do you have any reviews on this school?

new2thane 2019-01-10 23:37:31


Hi Deepak,

We plan to shift to Thane this year. For Class I of my son, I have been looking for a good CBSE School near Rutu Estate, Patlipada. Among other Schools, have visited St. Xavier Global Academy (CBSE) in Chitalsar. St. Xavier Global Academy in located within St. Xavier High School and Jr. College Campus.

They are yet to get CBSE Affiliation. They said they started CBSE section 3 years ago.

Please share your views, if any on St. Xavier Global Academy, Chitalsar.

Thanks in advance. 

ImDeepakSharma 2019-01-12 03:12:06


Hi @new2thane

Welcome to Thane!

Yes, you are right. St. Xavier Global Academy have started CBSE Curriculum in 2017-18 and they are yet to get CBSE affiliation.

St. Xavier€™s High School & Jr. College (State Board) has a good reputation in MumbaI & Thane. It has ranked Top 20 in the survey done by the leading newspapers agencies and educational magazines. They also have a good reputation in sports and other extra curricular activities too. All the staffs and teachers are very knowledgeable. 

Their CBSE section is new and currently runned by the same state board teachers. As the CBSE operations is completely new, so don't have any reviews on this school. Based on the academic achievements of the State board division, you can opt for it. 

School Fees - '42000 ~
One-time Admissions fee - '25000
Bus Fees - '15000
School Kit - '5000
Plus Books and uniform

For more information, Please contact Ms Julliet at the school. 

My overall review: 

Infrastructure: Infrastructure is very old. But still there is lots of greenery.

Fees: Reasonable 

Teaching Staff: Currently shared teachers of St Xavier€™s State board. I sensed traditional way of teaching. 

Location: Very Good. Easy to reach by all means of transportation. 

My suggestion to you is please visit New Horizon Scholars School (NHSS), Thane and then take a final call. 

Admission Fees: '35000/-
School Fess: '70000/-
Bus Fees: '18000/-
plus books and uniform. 

I hope this helps.


new2thane 2019-01-12 09:12:13


Thank you Deepak for your views. Really appreciate it!!. Yes I had visited New Horizon and really liked the overall infrastructure, but just little far from Rutu Estate, where we would live and fees is more than St. Xaviers. I also visited Sri Ma twice, but somehow didnt like the classrooms and building infrastructure. One of parameter is that we prefer School which is more near to our place. I also have a daughter for whom I have applied in Singhania for Jr. KG. and eagerly awaiting the result of lottery. As St. Xavier is just 1 km, kept St. Xavier as an Option along with New Horizon. Will be taking call on this by end of March '19. Thank you once again.

prujags 2019-01-14 01:32:13


Hi Deepak, Thanks for your information they have been very helpful. Can you please review Radcliff school in hiranandani estate.


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