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ImDeepakSharma 2018-03-06 05:18:01


I have visited so far below schools and still searching before I finalised for schooling for my 3 kids for Jr. Kg, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade 2019-19 admission. I have recently shifted to Thane and staying at Lodha Splendora, Thane West. 
1. Billabong, Wagle Estate, Thane : 
  Fee : 1.10 L Admission fee:25000.. total 1.35L does not include books,uniform, transportation, canteen. They have CBSE & ICGSC board, student ration is max 28 students per teacher, kid need need to go through 2 hours assessment for admission (I think this is just a formality), This school is 10years old school. Few of my friends are warning to stay away from this school. Even my Friend's son went to Billabong, Malad for his 3rd grade, overall schooling was okay, but they really do not put effort for teaching your kid, and his wife was complaining that she had to put lots of effort to make him study.

2. C.P. Goenka, Thane : Super Expensive 
Fee: 1.35L + Admission fee=25000, total fees=1.5L does not include books,uniform, transportation, canteen
This is their 4th year, their premises used to be mall earlier, but they have build very good facility, few of the sports they will take kids to other facility, they have tieup with well known dance and drama group so that's plus.They have CBSE & ICSC board, student ratio would be max 28 per teacher.

3. Sulochana Devi Singania (JK Singania): Try your luck only if you are seeking admission in Jr. KG  otherwise complete waste of time. They completely share admission information on their website, Kindly Check from post Diwali last week November every year. School Authorties do not entertain us, so kindly avoid the same. So I am not much hopeful and straight away not considering it as admission will not be possible here.

3. DAV  PUBLIC schools, I visited Mulund and Thane 2 schools , but admission for 3rd grade is only if vacancy is created and difficult to get admission, ppl are saying it's good school, but I felt it's kind of typical govt. school with better education, student ratio may be high and fees may be ~60k, I am not considering it as I did not find it par with private schools.

4. Vasant Vihar School, I did not visit this school but after research came to know it's states SSC board and I am not interested for SSC board. Its good option for State Board seekers

5. Lokpuram Public School: Similar story as other PUBLIC school, I got feeling like govt. run school and you can not compare it with other international school and admission is only if vacancy is created so they do not have vacancy for 3rd grade and I am not intereste as well.

Today I have visited Podar International, Rainbow International Orchid International Euro and New Horizon schools. 

= Fees '102000 +  Uniform & Books '10k, Transport '16-24k Super Expensive. Corporate Office of Feeling. No Playground in the school premises. They have some tie-ups with other schools for playground.

 Euro : Overall an Average Ratings For Fees and other details. ICSE Board 

Orchid : 
Fees '110000 +Uniform & Books '10k, Transport '16-24k 

: Fees '90000 + Admission ' 30000, Transport +Uniform & Books ' 17500 - 27000

Tomorrow I will be visiting to New Horizon for More Details Will update my findings thereafter soon.

Currently for me, there is an tie.....

Rainbow International Vs Orchid International Vs New Horizon Scholars. All are CBSE Board and good infrastructure. 

Please let us know your thoughts and experience on schooling around. Also correct me if you feel so....

Thank You.
Deepak Sharma

AshishPatil 2018-03-16 19:17:23


Hi Deepak, this was really useful information. Let me know if you have visited some more schools. Do you have any opinion on Hiranandani Foundation School? I heard its a good school.

 Former member 2018-03-16 21:28:18


I have all the visited the below mentioned schools several times recently. 

1.Which board you are looking for.... STATE, CBSE, ICSE IGSCE or IB ??? 
2. What is yearly maximum budget. Be frank to answer
3. What is your location ?? 

1. Hiranandani School
2. Rainbow International
3. Orchids International
4. New Horizon
5. Redcliffe
6. Euro International 
7. Lodha World School
8. Rustomjee Cambridge International 
9. Singhania 
10. Lokpuram
11. DAV Public School
12. Sri Ma
13. Universal School 
14. St. Xaviers - State Board
15. St. Xaviers Global Academy - CBSE
16. CP Goenka 
17. Podar Internatinal - CBSE
18. Podar International- IGCSE


 Former member 2018-03-16 22:00:50


Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane.

1. €œNo admission for outsiders€ they only tell all the parents who comes for Enquiry or calls over phone. But when they have no enrolments or enough seats are vacant for any academic year then they silently call all the outsiders over phone. Ask them to take admission within a week and just create the hype that they allow only hiranandani flat owners. I know several parents who are staying in society and took the admission. 

2. Hiranandani is just the hype and nothing else. Old methods of teaching. My neighbors are complaining that initially they were feeling grateful in the beginning that they have got the admission in Hiranandani but later they are regretting. Education wise HFS is not upto the mark as compared to Singhania. Even I was shocked when many parents revealed their actual experiences about HFS as it was my second choice after singhania school. 

3. One of the parent told me that some students or parents are discriminating outsiders in higher grades. But I disregarded this remark as I was more desperate to take  admission in this school so I ignored all the negative comments. But when I personally followed the school bus where all the parents wait for their kids outside their society then then revealed all about this. After this collective experiences, I have also went to ask admission for my kids. Then they said a big €œNo€ for the outsiders l. When I asked them there are many kids in my complex going to your School then they polite told me wait and asked to come again in first week of april. My question is if they are changing their policies then why HFS??? even after getting admission mostly are not satisfied. if you want you can try your luck or ask some HFS parents frankly. 

4. Fees is around 1 lack +30k security deposit + uniform + bus + books.


AshishPatil 2018-03-16 23:23:16


Thanks for your Frank feedback. I am ready for any board except state board. Budget would be around 1 lacs (ok to Shell out more for good school). Location is actually Vartak Nagar but I have not yet moved to that home so I can also think of changing the home near to school. Frankly speaking, if you want to choose 3 schools which 3 schools would you choose? Also, do you have any opinion about Vibgyor, Airoli?

 Former member 2018-03-17 09:14:45


 Vibgyor airoli and Vibgyor Mumbai is very good. My brothers kids are in Vibgyor Mumbai. They take proper care for the students. Vibgyor Airoli is also best. Go for it. 

 Former member 2018-03-17 09:54:21


Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Thane - IGSCE board (CIE) is best. Soon I€™m planning to take admission. I have visited thrice. 

Admission = '45000, Fees for 2018-19 = ' 1 lakh + uniform + books + bus 

school timings = 8:15 am - 3:30

admission is available for Nursery to Class 8 

I have also attached subjects photo for Grade 1 to 12 

Pros : 

1. Rustomjee Dahisar (Mumbai) is very reputed school in mumbai. There students are scoring marks and toppers on World Level. Ranked in the TOP three 20 International Schools (Sept 2013) in India. TOP 10 in Maharashtra. 

2. Theirs teaching patterns is completely different. Practical assessements to eleminate rote learning. 

3. Infrastructure is completely new and fresh. 

4. Schooling is available till 12th Grades. Which is also a plus for me. After that they have Business School in Dahisar (Mumbai) post 12th which is also very good in my case. 

5. Small Class size (30 students maximum per class). Currently there is very less enrollments as the school is new (3th Year)

Cons : 

1. Every Year Hike flat 10% in fees.
2. Good Infrastructure but there is no ACs in the entire school. Which is nowadays available is any private schools. Brand like Rustomjee should consider this. But I€™m ignoring this in my case. 
3. New Teachers but they select good teachers.


confmom 2018-03-17 12:49:45


Hi deepak ,
Thanks so much for such a detailed feedback .can you please provide more feedback about euro and goenka school.

As you visited the goenka school and it is very expensive .Is it really worth?  what extra they are providing for such a high fee

What about you find this school.if you have visited,can you give fee more details about this school.

confmom 2018-03-17 12:50:45


Also what about orchid and rainbow?

 Former member 2018-03-17 14:41:25


Euro School ICSE Board, Thane 

Fees : around '1 Lakh. Admission Fees : '40000 + additional bus services + uniform + books

Location : Its very bad. Also Its very far from Ghodbunder Road. Dead-end to National Park. Road is like that you are travelling to some remote village area. 

Facilities : are good and above average. Considering all latest technologies. 

Education Wise : Mixed Reactions from all parents. Primary Student€™s parents are happy with it. From Grade 5-X many parents were complaining about the teachers.

Goenka€™s Facility is much better than Euro School. 

When I compare Euro with Goenka....Goenka wins the battle.

Goenka : Fees 1.2 Lakhs, Admission: 31k 

Clasroom : student teacher ratio 28:2. 

All Latest Technology. 

School is new. They hired expensive teachers. 

Sports wise : Also very good. plus they provide state level training from professionals coaches/trainer with additional cost. 

If the choice is only between Euro vs CP Goenka then go for Goenka. With paying 10-15 % extra you are getting good management school. 

They also have school is Kandivali & Borivali named Swami Vivekananda (now named cp goenka group) in which they are very good in academics. My sister€™s kids are in Swami Vivekananda (Kandivali). 

Mr. Naresh Vasant (General Manager) CP Goenka International - Thane is over smart and arrogant. But teachers are new and young. They have adopted latest method of teaching. 

I hope this helps


confmom 2018-03-19 11:04:36


Thanks much Mr. Deepak.Your feedback  is really very helpful.

I am considering these two schools as I didn't get good reviews for other schools.

I am planning to visit schools next week .If you can suggest any other school ,let me know.
In which school you have taken admission for your kids.


 Former member 2018-03-19 12:23:39


1. Fake reviews on internet and social media. Parents don€™t get trapped with all fake reviews and promo videos.

2. They have no academics positive reviews

3. It€™s like playgroup extended till grade X.

4. Entire property is an leased premises

5. Principal is all time not available & reachable.

6. They lure parents and kids with their colourful extra curricular activities.

7. Once you visit the school, they keep on calling you again and again.

Overall Experience : I would suggest go for Orchid International only if you have only 2 options.

my neighbour's daughter is in Orchid from last 2 year and school is doing very good. and his son is in Rainbow and he is moving him from Rainbow to Orchid from next year 2018-19.

Rainbow is not value of money, kids fall sick very frequently, no proper management totally money making and marketing machine. The funny thing is they don't have sense of how to run school.

Overall my experience is not at all good and i don't want any one to face similar issues. there are number of incidence which I can't write on blog but overall Overall Experience for Orchids International

Infrastructure : 100 marks

Academics : 50-55 marks in higher class

Admin staffs : A big Zero. Un-professional. Seems like creative corporate office. Principal is always absent.

Fees : 1.10 Lakhs + admission fees 40000 a(2018-19) + Uniform + books + Bus

also ignore orchids too...

confmom 2018-03-19 14:06:12


I think you misunderstood .

.I am considering euro and goenka not rainbow and orchid. I had asked about them earlier .I am thinking of Euro and goenka as of now.If you get any further info positive/negative about these school please keep us posted especially about higher grades..If you want us to visit any other school please mention that also,as we'll be coming for two days for visiting schools in mumbai

Anyway thanks for all the help you are providing to all the parents.

 Former member 2018-03-19 15:18:34


CP Goenka is better than Euro. Go for it. All the best. Please share once you finalise any school. 

confmom 2018-03-19 19:48:52


Yes sure,will keep posted

Sodapop 2018-03-28 15:34:13


Hi Deepak,

I am also seeking admission for my kid for 1st Standard and came across your page.

I am a little confused on your reviews on Rainbow and Orchid. The Cons that you have listed have Rainbow whereas in the end you have asked to stay away from Orchid.

Can you please highlight any specific issues with Orchid.

 Former member 2018-03-28 20:07:41


Hi Sodapop

In my complex there are more than 25 students are going in Orchids. 

They all have copied each other and took admission in orchids as they offer very good facilities on papers but are regretting now. 

1. Many are saying all the facilities offered on papers by them, are not upto the mark on ground reality. Orchids Management are not taking any single efforts to fulfill their commitment which made at the time of admission.

2. They doesn€™t have proper specialized trainers/teachers/staffs for their extra curricular activities. 

3. Mall like atmosphere. 

4. Even after the school is new...many teachers have left this school.

5. Parents don€™t realises mis-management of school in 1year. We get feedbacks from the parents only. 

You are requested to take the feedbacks from orchids parents too.

If you still want to go with this school then ask for admission fee 100% waiver + 7% additional discounts on total fees.
Contact Ms. Sudha for the above discounts  - 98333 57275 / 77770 16445


Sodapop 2018-03-29 15:11:45


Thank you  for your feedback. this will help us in taking an informed decision.I noticed you had finalized on Rustomjee Cambridge for your kids. Did you take admission in Rustomjee Cambridge. 

 Former member 2018-03-29 20:10:14


Yes, I have finalised Rustomjee. Admission I will take in may end as school academics will start from June-April. I€™m super excited with Rustomjee and I will keep updated all my experiences from time to time about Rustomjee. 

Rickin 2018-04-08 20:56:43


What are your views about new horizon As I am planning to shift in Thane.

 Former member 2018-04-09 00:40:26


1. Classroom Student Teacher Ration more than 45:1
2. Fees is around '70000 + '35000 One-Time Registrar Fees + Bus Fees '17000-'25000 + Uniform + Books 
3. Every year hike is around 7 Percent on the above fees excluding admission fees
4. Majority every CBSE school have around '45000 fees + One-Time Registrar Fees + Bus Fees + Uniform + Books 
5. Infrastructure is completely new. You will feel good to when you visit this school. 
6. Admission is available in all the grades including Nursery. 
7. They accept admission in mid-term too.
8. Teacher€™s hiring process is weak. 

Currently based on the parent€™s reviews as on...

Academics: 2.5/5
Sports : 2/5
Infrastructure : 5/5
Fees Structure : 3.5/5

My suggestion : You can secure your ward€™s Admission in this school as you are already late as school academics started from April 2nd, 2018 and if you looking for next year then go for better options. 

I hope this helps. 


maheshpatil 2018-04-25 14:31:36


Hello Mr. Deepak,

Thanks for your inputs. You won't believe how valuable the information you have shared is to me. I am relocating to Thane & seeking admission to my daughters in 1st & 7th Std ICSE board. I understand I am late however am trying my luck. If I need any help would pick your brain for the same.

Best Regards



RajeevSinha 2018-07-16 07:45:52


Hi Deepak, Thanks for your valuable feedback. Among CP Goenka and Ochids, which one should i go for my kid 10 yrs and 5 yrs old? Heard Goenka school does not have playground.

Snigdha98 2018-07-23 08:48:37


Hi deepak You have written and summarized so well that a new parents like me will be benifited very nicely.thanks for your feedback. I am also planning for 2019-20session for my kid who will be 3 years on april 2019. i m also new to thane and unable to decide where to put my kid . I am looking for a cbse school where pressure for studies are less but very much scientific but dont know where will i get it. Regards Snigdha

Anshu27 2018-09-20 11:24:56


Hi It's a help for sure.. I am shifting to Lodha Thane West. Just bit confuse between 3 schools Sulochana Devi Singhania, cp Goenka & orchid. For nursery.

ImDeepakSharma 2018-09-20 14:28:04


To RajeevSinha

C P Goenka is a ICSE & IGSCE school. 

1. They have a playground. In fact they have in school and after-school activities too for all sports with additional fees. Sports activities are good in this school. 

2. It's an the expensive school overall. Academic wise a very school when compared with Orchids. 

Orchids International:

I have shared already shared my views on this school 

1. Most parents get trapped by their promotional/ introduction videos. 
2. Although they don't charge admission fees. This is also the main reason where parents become ignorants. Their Bus Services Fees are very expensive. 
3. The orchids have a very bad reputation in Mumbai and Thane. 
4. No sports activities as promised at the time of admission or shown in the promotional videos. 
5. Academics wise it€™s an average school with high fees. 


ImDeepakSharma 2018-09-20 14:36:25


Hi Rickin
New Horizon Scholars School is a CBSE affiliated School. 

A new horizon is a good school. They don't give fake promise. I have also reviewed them. 

ImDeepakSharma 2018-09-20 14:39:39


Dear Snigdha

Mostly all CBSE schools are the same when studies pressure is concerned. 

Have you visited any CBSE schools in Thane?

ImDeepakSharma 2018-09-20 15:03:51


Hi Anshu27

Singhania (ICSE-BOARD) is the best option in your case. In 2018, they have completed their 50th years. School is very good for their mainstream studies. They also have ISC and IB program after Std 10th. Go for it. 

They don't have a nursery program. You have to wait for it for at least one year as they offer from Jr kg onwards

Every year they start online admission at the end of November month. Admission is only available for Jr Kg students each year.

Parents who are looking for admission in higher grades, for example, Sr. kg to 9th grade then they don't have any seats. 

2. Orchids is a CBSE affiliated school. If you have shifted in Lodha Splendora? then you can ask your personal views for this school. 

3. CP Goenka is an ICSE & IGSCE board school. A very expensive but still best when it compared with Rainbow and Orchids. 

My suggestion for you: Plan for Singhania School. 2nd option CP Goenka, Avoid Orchids International School. 


AshishPatil 2018-09-20 16:55:38


One question regarding CBSE or ICSE.. Which one is more difficult from acedemic perspective? I know the syllabus of CBSE but not really sure about ICSE.


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