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PragyaS 2017-01-31 16:25:31


what is the teaching methodology adopted by singhania school, thane. really appreciate views from parents whose kids are going to SSS. 

pashmi1 2017-02-04 16:34:51


Will try to answer your question to the extent of my own experience with the school and not hearsay .Also please understand that what I write here may not be current and chances are that the school would have made some changes since the time we left it. The methodology and curriculum aren't very transparent. Nor are they very systematic in their execution of the same This is partly because the curriculum is very "in- house" unlike other schools which go by textbook order. The individual teacher decides what to teach, when to teach , and when to conduct the assessments. There are no fixed dates for assessments and until your child comes home to tell you that he had an assessment you wouldn't know that they had one. At times the student would be asked to do two or more assessments in one day. There are no textbooks for elementry section so if your child has not understood a concept , he or she is solely dependent on either the teacher or classmates to help out. In my case the teacher would shoot down any request from my kid for a repeat of the concept . It's because of the absence of any learning material that most parents either resort to private tutors or try to get their hands on previous years worksheets. Either which way it's a lot of added work for parents and their wards. The school professes 'self learning 'a lot which probably explains their no text book-no note book stand. At the time of our leaving school and contrary to popular belief, there were no smart boards . There s a common AV room which is used to keep kids occupied if teacher doesn't show up. Various requirements for craft or project activities are told at the very last minute and craft related activities are a plenty in this school. The practice worksheets are uploaded on your school email id and you yourself have to print it out. At the beginning of the year the school asks kids to participate in some compulsory activities like elocution. Craft.drawing..shloka recitals etc and prizes are awarded for the same . Again these are seldom conducted on the appointed days which dims the morale of the student. I have little exposure to higher classes. But what I know is that there is segregation of weak average and topper students as per their performance into various divisions. However I have heard better reviews of the 11th 12th and IB classes in terms of quality of faculty and learning aids. To summarise, there is no 'method 'learning in SS in their elementary section. Its upto your child whether or not he or she can self learn without needing a lot of help from teachers or peers. Hope this helps

PragyaS 2017-02-05 14:08:08


Thank you. And I guess that's a great insight. How long back have you been a part of SS. And which school do your kid(s) go to. 

Sevenseas11 2017-02-08 10:17:51


When is the current academic year for Jr Kg starting in Singhania school?

pashmi1 2017-02-08 17:19:51


The academic year at SS usually begins on or around June 7th each year and finishes around 7th April the following year.

dipalipr 2017-02-08 17:53:00


Hi pashmi....very nice and detailed info gvn on SS....any idea abt D.G.int scul.....parents whose kids r studying in D.G.Int ....pls gv your reviews on the same

pashmi1 2017-02-08 18:36:20


@dipa. ...no I am afraid I do not have any info on D.G school. I have apart from SS, some info on Vasant Vihar, St. John's , Rainbow , HFS , and NHSS.

dipalipr 2017-02-08 22:58:36


OK....thnk u

Sevenseas11 2017-02-09 09:59:46


Hi pashmi1
Thanks for your reply. I had heard that SSSS starts from April first week, as per ICSE pattern. But I may be wrong, since you said it starts from June.


pashmi1 2017-02-09 15:55:53


It's June for elementary section in SS. .However it is likely that school has prep classes for std. X ICSE Boards in April. You can always call school admin to double check. Alternatively you can verify vacation and school start dates through student school calendar. CBSE schools begin academic year in April.

Sevenseas11 2017-02-09 16:06:56


Ok...Thanks a lot! How is Vasant Vihar school for Jr Kg?

dipalipr 2017-02-09 16:44:36


Hi pashmi....can u gv me some details abt st.John's... Location...teaching staff etc... Relocating to Thane in March 17

pashmi1 2017-02-09 16:51:21


@dopa. .where will be your location i. e residence. st. John's is located in the heart of Thane city .

pashmi1 2017-02-09 18:59:13


@Sevens.. If you follow posts on Vasant vihar school You will see that there is very little to complain about Vasant vihar school at least from nursery to std. 4. It follows a state board pattern syllabus. For Jr.kg and Sr. Kg it's simple worksheet method . From classes 1 it is Balbharati books (easily available in the amprapali arcade opp . The kids are well taken care of academically at foundation level. There is a play area with sand pit in the campus. There are about 3 pta meetings with teachers in a year. Communication from the school is excellent at all levels whether it is exams ( timetable given on school website ahead of time),annual function, sports or picnics. School bus safety wise its it's rated at the top in Thane probably because the bus attendants and drivers are on the payroll and hence their commitment level is high. There are cctv cameras inside busses with one female and one male attendant. The school has a very good track record in athletics ,cricket and football at district /state level. They have also been winning some of the inter school level spelling and art competitions. It's unfortunate they don't advertise their achievements as openly as some other top media savvy schools. Downside. The classrooms get a little overcrowded from std.5 onwards. The school also works in two shifts. Morning secondary section 6.55 am to 1230.- Afternoon elementary section 12.55-6 pm

dipalipr 2017-02-09 22:37:51


Hi pashmi.....my preference is for Vasant Vihar....but cannot take a risk by just relying on this scul....luking for other options as well...SSC boards ...my location wld be preferably pokhran rd....how's st.Xavier's... Any idea

payalvh 2017-02-10 00:45:05


Hi guys St. Xavier's is CBSE now Vasant vihar is really nice or I must say gr8 for state board . two unit tests and two term exams so after every exam they have pta meeting for showing results . You can meet class teacher with prior permission from principal. Its best management , transparent , in 1st std maths Olympiad and 3rd onwards assets n spellbee . these are from outside n have to pay extra , not compulsory. And in house science quiz , maths quiz, creative writing, spellathon, For sr.kg night camp in school Then again in 4th std night camp in school, sports heat once in a year at saket ground , every week one library book , regular assessment, extra activities on Saturdays . best bus service . only thing they don't have canteen . but till sr. Kg they have in house kitchen . till sr. Kg they don't have to carry any bag , Best school for state board vvhs

dipalipr 2017-02-10 07:59:28


Hey payal....thanks for info.... I too am keen on VVHS...but afraid abt gettng admssn....

dipalipr 2017-02-10 08:06:12


That's why wanted more info abt other SSC sculs

pashmi1 2017-02-10 08:20:51


@ dipa...Yes understand . There are no guarantees of vacancies in VV. St. John's is located near Jambli Naka or talao pali. The admission preference is given to people residing in that area and people associated with the church . Its quite a distance for someone living near pokhran . It's one of the oldest schools in Thane and is run by the Catholic Church. The teachers are experienced. And like VV this school too follows state board pattern syllabus. Two unit tests and two end term exams. The discipline is typical of a christian run school. Lots of extra curricular activities such as camps, charity, in house school festival , grand Xmas celebration. emphasis on sports. The school has a good basketball court ,a open ground and 1500 seater auditorium . PtA meetings are held regularly. My cousins kids have successfully studied there and have had a smooth academic life.

dipalipr 2017-02-10 09:50:31


Hi...thanks pashmi....very helpful info... It bcmes easier fr us parents to tk decsns ...as not possible evry nw n thn to vst sculs n fnd information....especially outstn parents....

Sevenseas11 2017-02-10 10:37:56


Thanks pashmi,
Really appreciate your detailed reply. Actually like the majority of parents here, our heart was set on Singhania. But now are looking out for Vasant Vihar Playmate Preschool too, as the second pref. I am an SSC board pass out while my hubby is a CBSE board passout.
I myself found my syllabus not so interesting and quite dated. Plus, although we had very good teachers, some of the fundamentals were never clear to me, resulting in rote learning, esp in higher secondary. Plus, there was almost nil project work or any hands on activity.
And hubby had subjects such as social studies in Hindi, despite being in a school from Pune, which i found strange. I can never imagine learning social studies in Hindi! Anyway, no offense intended to people who studied in a similar manner.
Therefore, we both wanted to explore ICSE board, which is said to focus on and encourage overall understanding of a subject rather than just mugging up. This, ofcourse, combined with excellent teachers, in old and established schools, would be a win-win situation. Hence, Singhania was our first choice. 
Now keeping our fingers crossed for Vasant Vihar as well!

pashmi1 2017-02-10 12:23:09


@sevens..I I too had a state board education and my husband a CBSE pass out. I didn't realise it's(education ) limitations until I went abroad for work . I echo your thoughts on the old syllabus of our generation where rote learning was the order of the day. There were also fewer schools back then. But times have changed and so have the methods of teaching , evaluation etc. I think schools are far more progressive these days and competitive. It's choosing the right one that's daunting. while ICSE syllabus is detailed and robust ,not all schools execute it as well as they should. (Case in point SS) . If you are interested in ICSE education for your child do some ground work and get your hands on learning materials of those schools . That's what I did and learnt a lot more than speaking to parents. Good luck.

pashmi1 2017-02-10 13:38:36


@Sevens.. I forgot to mention in my earlier posts that intrestingly SS was a state board school until some years ago . So their teaching exposure to ICSE is fairly new.

payalvh 2017-02-11 13:21:33


Hi pashmi Can you tell me something about Hiranandani school .

pashmi1 2017-02-12 15:00:44


When I asked a friend to rate HFS on a scale of 1 to 10 she said she would give it a 11 or higher. From previous experience I know not to depend only on what parents say hence I researched schools personally including HFS. HFS follows the ICSE pattern since it was founded in 1999 . That makes it a fairly young school in that sense. The classrooms were airy and each had a smart board. They have a music room, a yoga room , basketball court, football ground, swimming classes etc. The kids have two or more educational trips a year from std .1. The students are evaluated after each chapter through worksheets . In addition to that there are three main term exams. The school going- ons are systematically communicated by teacher and principal via their app. PTA meetings are held after each term .The school uniform, text books and notebooks are purchased at school premises for convenience of parents. Notebooks and worksheets are sent home perodically . Elocution, debates poetry recitals are held for all classes from std.1. The annual function is held every alternate year for elementary and secondary section. They have student council . The bus services are contracted . The teachers were well praised by parents. The fees are at par with newer icse /cbse schools.


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