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Suman1977 2016-12-16 23:37:26


Hi All

need some review of CP Goenka school
Thane! looking for admission on class 4 for my daughter

17Rashu 2017-01-10 09:07:29


awsome infra inside, 25-27 kids in each class, syllabus is good but very high fees excluding uniform, books, transport and canteen. Since it is new, need some more time to settle.

Suman1977 2017-01-27 01:21:00


Thanks! Have got admission done basis some feedback from my colleague! His kid also studies in the same school


payalvh 2017-01-29 13:46:26


Hi suman 1977 Can u tell me the process of getting admission in cp goenka . As my kid is also in 3rd std And also the fee structure.

Suman1977 2017-01-29 15:26:04


Hi Payal

you need to visit the school to have a prelim discussion. Considering it's a new school not much issue with admission. Fees are in higher bracket. It will be close to 2  lac including cafetaria and bus.

payalvh 2017-01-30 18:56:47


Thanks suman for your reply

vishalgupta 2018-03-22 09:24:41


Hello Parents, do you have any idea about CP Goenka Thane fee structure for grade 1?

HonestDa 2018-06-05 10:11:44



Visited CP Goenka for Jr kg admissions and was asked to fill a form by a peon, next he quickly showed us the jr kg areas which was average sized rooms but tidy. Next told us to meet GM Mr Vasant who was only keen on showing off the school launched as he puts it 'I Have this this and this school' fees are this, etc etc.
nothing about teaching methods and about kids grooming.

fees structure was 31k school admission. Around 80k annual fees payable ever quarter and compulsory choice of skating, gymnasium or chess which is conducted on sat -sun 9am to 10am for 14k.
Uniforms, books, transportation and meals extra cost.

Regarding GM Vasant, had read his reviews from other parents on parent tree and after meeting him was quite disgusted with his attitude and outdated thinking. His approach was not at all warm and caring.

seems only from 5th grade they have choice of igcse board and are planning for 9th and 10th grade as the school doesn't have those grades yet. So till 5th what curriculum does the school teaches your kids?? No details were mentioned here?

There were no teachers to talk to, spend time asking questions as parents and getting to know the teacher and knowing how she handles kids, instead everything felt very rigid and felt we had no choice here.
Wasn't very happy as it seems the school runs the way the GM Vasant wants it. Not the other way around.


Dia17 2019-02-05 20:19:40


Anyone aware of the current fee structure. Is it worth the hype?


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