Euro school or Rustomjee Cambridge?

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Gul2016 2016-12-01 20:11:07


Hello everyone,
I have been madly searching for a decent school for my son who is currently in nursery. Have been to Euro school and despite all the frustration that was caused by the inconvenient location, we were too impressed by the school staff who not only explained us their study pattern but even gave us a school tour. We came back feeling really positive except for the fact that the location and distance from our residential area kept haunting our minds..
We then went to Lokpuram who didn't even let us in saying that there were no forms for junior kg because only nursery students of their school get promoted to the junior class so we shouldn't try at all.
Lastly, we went to Rustomjee Cambridge International school at Majiwada after reading all the positive reviews by papa2pareshan, With due respect to the said person, we were totally turned off by the gloomy looking infrastructure and staff that was least bothered to say a few words. The receptionist we met was so reluctant to tell us anything about the school that she actually said a couple of lines and then handed us the fee structure card. I mean, we're here to know more about the school and admit our kids after being satisfied but you guys were so confident about just the name that you didn't even bother telling us why we should be considering your school above others?
My question is, despite all the negativity of the RCIS, should we take a step ahead by merely looking at their dahisar branch reputation or is it a case of naam bade aur darshan chote?? 
And secondly, even though Euro is far away, do you think it would be sensible for us to send our kid to that place because it has everything that we have been looking for? Please let us know about your opinion and also if you could suggest any other good school that promises overall development of our kid? (Orchids, Podar, cp goenka?)

65harsh 2016-12-03 17:57:47


i have been to lots of school in Thane and had been to orchids, rustomjee, goenka, rainbow and euro. i have been impressed with Euro a lot and i am considering option if not Singhania. i have talked to parents of kids who study in euro and everyone gave a thumbs up. i am very much considering Euro as a option. i had similar experience of Rustomjee. it looks like a haunted school with no one to explain.
Dahisar branch is good but management needs to improve leaps and bound in thane for attracting children and their parents

Papa2pareshaan 2016-12-03 19:07:35


My views are based on my experience with the school and u can trust I am not handling any marketing account for the school.

coming down to Rustomjee school , frankly this year I am observing issues with school, Teachers have been changed as informed in the messages earlier and I must admit I am seeing challenges faced by school which they are trying to resolve by engaging parents. My overall rating will be less for the year and expect them coming out of such teething issues , as they are 2 years old. Newly appointed teachers after Diwali are good.

Now regarding naam bade darshan chhote I agree with you , when it comes to expectations and comparison with dahisar school they have miles to go. But yes , I must also say , they are not bholi surat dil ke khotee .....:) So i still Have hope they will improve for sure as they are transparent and they have responded positively by changing staff and regularly engaging all parents. 

Regarding new admissions. We always found school responding to queries and meetings. If they are behaving such a way with new people they will face problems.

I will also inform PTA members for your feedback .

Before taking any call still suggest to take view of other parents as well as I may still recommend the school if someone asks for and specially if they stay nearby and student of primary class as there methodology of teaching is really good and kids friendly.

Even my neighbour is in Euro 8th standard and they have good feedback about the school .Rustomjee is till 7th standard.

Rustomjee principal is approachable easily , not sure with whom you interacted over there. Best wishes for your kid.


Papa2pareshaan 2016-12-03 19:12:02


@65harsh I will surely inform Rustomjee PRincipal about haunted thing ....:) .... just back from school after football match of the kids .

Just for information school is new and till 7th standard. They recently shifted class to 2nd floor.

Gul2016 2016-12-04 00:34:33


If i may ask for your opinions, papa2pareshan and 65harsh, do you think i should be considering Euro school while i am based near Shreerang society/ Vrindavan? Would it be a good move or not? And I forgot to add, I saw about 10-12 ladies sitting in the waiting area for an interview, so yes they do have a not so permanent staff !

65harsh 2016-12-05 10:45:40


gul2016- also check for Rainbow International in Brahmand. its looks like a good school. i have been there yesterday. infra is good and teachers also seem to be good. also depends which board you want to go for. i want to go with ICSC. there are 2 schools -singhania and Euro. i will decide on one of the two.

 Former member 2018-03-15 04:59:27


I visited on 14-03-2018 in RCIS,Thane. Principal personally attended me. Every schools have pros and cons. I will re-visit again several time before taking admission. 

Priya2019 2018-11-20 16:19:28


Hi Gul,

Which school did u finally take admission in? 

dipti02 2018-12-21 20:38:11


hows school management  now ?

dipti02 2018-12-21 20:38:48



wparent 2019-03-13 17:56:36


Hi,I am planning to put my child in srkg in u find the r the teachers?has the school improved in these 2-3 years??

manmeetchawla 2019-11-14 23:37:21


Hi, i stay in kalher and want addmission in 1st grade for my kidoo, euro is better or new horizon vasant lawns?


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