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simu1509 2016-02-16 09:14:39


Hello Sshettyy, Parags84 & all, hope you all are fine. first of all thank you so much for giving suggestion on my earlier post that was DAV v/s HFS. My baby has got admission in both schools singhania & HFS for jr kg. now I'm confused between these two schools. Which school to choose? Both are equidistant. HFS fees is bit higher than singhania. But my point of comparison is how overall school is & how much exposure they give to kids.... Pls help on this matter.... If any one can give insight of these schools or any out of two would be of great help. If any one have experience with any of the school or you know about it. Pls help. waiting for your reply. Regards, Simran

Papa2pareshaan 2016-02-16 09:43:15


Go for Singhania , no second thought.

Prags84 2016-02-16 18:44:12


Hi Simu,


My nephew is studying at Singhania and as far as their curriculum is concerned...they are really good...Pre-primary children have many competitions which helps the kids in improvising their confidence..

You should go for Singhania and why doubt when they are No. 1 in India :)

All the Best




Prags84 2016-02-16 21:18:50


Hey Simran, One thing I wanted to know from you is..are the admissions in both these schools still in progress..cos both the schools finish their admissions by Jan end..

SShettyy 2016-02-16 21:33:47


Sighania off course... Only lucky people get thru... Why are you having second thoughts!!

simu1509 2016-02-17 14:16:44


Hey all Admission process was done earlier only. But wasn't able to write on forum. Well, wanted to take your view about both schools, hence posted a question. Thank you so much for replying & giving insight, as I'm new to Thane & doesn't know much about schools here. Once again thank you so much.

SShettyy 2016-02-17 14:39:29


@Simu ... So you have already made a decision and chosen a school!! Above question of yours doesn't make sense to me then!!

simu1509 2016-02-25 00:42:21


I had taken admission in both schools. Had to withdraw admission from any one school.... hence was seeking insight of both schools...... If sure hoti abt school to Of course questions put nahin karti..... as it is one time decision so i wanted to be sure before withdrawing admission from any of the school..... thats why asked for help.... well anyways...... thank you for help.... I have withdrawn admission from HFS now..... thank you......

simu1509 2016-02-25 00:44:32


This was reply to Sshettyy.....

Capila 2016-02-25 14:46:51


Dear Simran , 

J.K.Singhania is an old school with laurels resting mainly on WHT WAS than WhAT IS ....still its not a bad option .Hiranandani  School is  more conscientious . My son studied at HFS but not at the preschool level. HFS is definetly a very good school . If you are staying closer to HFS you must consider HFS over Singhania . Thanks and hope your child is happy at the school selected by you . By the way have you considered Kangaroo Kids ? Its the preschool Section of Billabong High International School ...

 Former member 2016-03-22 11:02:22


Hi Pashmi1 
Thank you for your detailed review of Singhania. It is good to hear from someone who has dealt with the school, else we just hear very ´haloed´ one line reviews mentioning that the school is perfect. 
Any other parents from Singhania who have a counter opinion? It will provide a balanced view to parents on the forum

pashmi1 2016-03-22 19:51:07


Here are my inputs for those seeking admission in JK Singhania.
The Good: Huge campus, A medical centre with registered  nurse to administer first aid,  new sports arena ( at a cost ) , well equipped library ,book fairs . Orientation in college courses for higher classes. IB affiliation. A well established brand name so it impresses.
The bad:   Minimum parent -school/teacher contact (they seldom hold PTA)    had just one a year.   Loads of project work  most of which is intimated at the very last minute almost always a day before it is to happen. No  prior intimation of  appraisals . Children are given several surprise tests so even if officially no homework is given  you still  have to sit with your child every day . Meaning  that your child needs to be always prepared which makes it daunting  especially for a busy parent.  Hence tuitions are inevitable in many cases right from jr.kg.   Since there are no reference text books and due to  the schools policy of notebooks not to be sent home , there's no way of knowing what's been taught in class .  No retest of appraisal if child is absent  for any reason whatsoever.   You need to be a part of a whats app parents group or  other social media  to know what's happening in the classrooms.
 The  students -teacher ratio in each class for jr and sr kg is over 35 (one teacher and one asst. with one attendant)  and from 1std  onwards  is above 45   with one teacher . 
Hygiene : old style dirty , smelly toilets,  wash basins are not cleaned on a regular basis.  Children have to learn to use bucket and mug to wash themselves . Sometimes mugs are missing . My kid  and her friend used to hold on till she came home That's 7 hours  in school without using the loo.   Common practice for kids to carry two bottles of water adding to the weight of the school bag.

Appraisal and grades : Non performing students face some pretty harsh comments from the teachers and there's a general lack of sensitivity  even at elementary level where the teachers  use  harsh comments written right across their notebooks with big red letters which may demotivate the average child.   

Security& Safety & Bus issues : Bus services have been contracted  and so the school takes no accountability for any incidents happening on the bus or otherwise
After years of schooling with JK  I finally decided to step out of its "Halo" ( I wish I had done it sooner) . My kid and I are very happy with our decision.  I prefer a more systematic approach to education rather than an experimental  one.  My advice to parents . .  Do not go with hype instead  Evaluate your own expectations of the school (any school), its syllabus, worksheets  ,   teaching methods   and only then make a decision best suited to your childs needs and capabilities. 

Prags84 2016-03-24 23:14:39


Hi pashmi1, Oops..that's really an eye-opener...if you don't mind revealing..which school have you changed to now.. Thanks

payalvh 2017-01-24 09:59:17


Hi guys Please tell me Adm ssion process for HFS class other than Jr kg . Already appeared for test What will be next step

Sevenseas11 2017-02-03 10:15:35


Hi Pashmi1,
I would also like to know which school did you admit your child into....and how is ur experience so far?

Prags84 2017-02-07 15:46:53


Hi Payalvh,
For HFS, I am not sure about the admission process for higher classes, however, from what I have heard, all the kids appearing for the tests generally get a calI..not sure though. My child needed an admission into 1st std and hence he had no test. We just had to fill up the form and then got a call from the school, further admission formalities were carried as per the instructions from schools's end.
You mentioned that your kid has appeared for the test, hope you got some response.


payalvh 2017-02-07 18:50:18


Hi prags 84 Can u tell me when did u received call. I mean date. When did you got admission in this year. As I have submitted form in December and on 14 the Jan there was a test . but still no response from school . So can u tell me about your kids admission n school call date details Thanks

Prags84 2017-02-08 10:46:50


Hi Payalvh,
We filled the form in the first week of December and got a call in the 3rd week of January. Please checkout with the people whose kids might have appeared for the exams and if they have got a call from the school.


payalvh 2017-02-08 22:30:12


Thanks prags 84 Actually I don't know anyone who appeared for test .

dparent 2017-11-09 16:52:17


Very sorry to hear about Singhania pashmi1.
Which school did you choose, and do you find it better? 


voronoid 2020-06-15 17:30:31


Dear Capila,

Questions for you.
Heard a lot, not sure if it is a rumor or not, HFS do not accept a non Hiranandani estates property owner for admission.

I have my daughter for std 1 to get admitted next year 2021 (june to apr academic year) and I see two ICSE schools in proximity. Euro and HFS. May be if you can help in providing some info (apart from brochure) 
1. Admission processes  :
        a. HFS: dates : form fill-up (brochure says January), assessment tests (not sure), classes starts from (June or few weeks in Apr?)
        b. Euro: form fill-up(Website says September of previous year), assessment tests (not sure), classes starts from (June or Apr?)
2.  Fees:
        a. HFS: 1.23 lpa excluding bus, dress and books. (As per brochure)
        b. Euro: Read in some thread 1.4lpa excluding bus, dress and books
3. Any feed backs if you want to share for both.


tarsona 2020-08-07 21:27:35


Hi Guys,

I will be shifting to Thane West in March 2021, looking for some good school for 11th and 6th Class, please suggest.


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