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pm739 2016-11-23 12:35:46



You have been great in helping understand about Rainbow International….Have heard the school has horse riding as an extra curricular. How do they conduct these on Saturdays? are these included in the school fees or we need to pay separately? 

Any idea about HFS? Contemplating between the two…any help / guidance will be appreciated. TIA! 

Soham2016 2016-11-23 13:52:36


Hello PM739, Sports charges are inclusive in fees. Horse riding has not yet started. Have no idea about HFS. We are satisfied with R I S. They have many clubs also, culinary, personality development, maths & science etc etc. They upload worksheets regularly for practice at home. My frank opinion is that overall growth is depend on our child's capabilities, his/her calliber, grasping power. parents are having different reviews for different schools.

pm739 2016-11-23 16:15:42


thanks Sonam…you have been great at this forum for new members like us! 

Soham2016 2016-11-23 18:15:33



dipti02 2016-12-01 13:00:21


Hello Soham, Can you please let me know hows homework pattern for Rainbow and projects and all...Do they give much burden on students and parents or efforts taken more from school side.

Soham2016 2016-12-02 13:09:33


Hiii Dipti I am satisfied with Rainbow I S. They dont give much home work but upload worksheets on parentportal that we need to solve at home and practice. My son is in 5th std. Maths home work is given regularly or thrice a week. For projects and other activities, they ask to send required material along with students and ask students to do it in the school. All sports activities are conducted on saturdays, now timing is 9 to 12. They have many clubs also, culinary, personality development, maths & science etc etc. In parents meet teacher talks personally to every parent about growth of child. Techonosavy school. Full Female staff, except bus drivers and security guards. My son loves to go to the school and enjoys. Student teacher ratio is 40:2. They conduct remedial classes for weak students. My frank opinion is that overall growth is depend on our child's capabilities, his/her calliber, grasping power. parents are having different reviews for different schools. But i am happy with RIS

 Former member 2018-03-06 02:35:29


Hi Sonam

Thanks for your reviews. I have also shortlisted this school. Please share your latest experiences in all areas. 


 Former member 2018-03-06 02:36:41


Have you taken admission in rainbow ? If not? Then which school?

shilpagajendra 2018-03-15 15:51:21


R u still unhappy with school

Suny07 2018-06-11 11:41:09


If u r planning to go for Rainbow then do at ur own risk as u will get first imressiin very gud by seeing the infra and pool etc but tjen u feel sory as the management is not cooperative as well as when u will have any concern or complain then they will not listen insyead blame you.And their pet dialouge is "Aap ko hi problem hai ,No other parents have such issue" Moreover School increase the fees every year and in last two years they increases 40% and did not even form PTA...and they even given threating to parents that ur word will be removed from school if they talk wid other parents. Very Arrogant management and they have nexcious wid Education Officer as well as CBSE as complaint in cbse also but in vain. System is totally Croupt.....and cimmon parents feel helpless and anguish at the same time...

kartik1 2018-06-11 11:41:58


after reading some positive reviews I took the admission to Rainbow International, Brahmand, Thane --- but unfortunately have to say that the status is not at all what they promised or show off by displaying various multimedia items at the time of admission. The student strength per class is too much just like other regular school & their main teachers are average in skills [even sometime cannot speak proper english] and they are supported by assistant [who are not teachers or even qualified enough] -- but still they claim 20:1 ratio -- assistant teachers hardly take care of something and most of the time free lectures (too many of them) will go by just movies. For more than two years they did not have dedicated computer lab and still charged fees without any single practical handson session...Sports facilities they showcase are of little use -- recently they did not had enough qualified coaches and also too many students for each sports [e.g -- how 80+ students will play cricket all at a same time and hence only selected students get chance to play -- forget about learning what they promis] so we end-up paying to external coaching for each sport and school just sit there to get credit if your ward excel in perticular game. the school principal resigned in the middle of the year and school even did not bother to inform parents and was running without HM or principal for long duration I think. -- also school rise fees significantly beyond allowed legal limits year after year --- and that too without increase in infrastructure or quality overall.. so ultimately it seems money making organization as we can expect & administration is not available easily for a fair dialogue with parents. they might have tried a few good things but there is a long way to pass if they want to even reach near to the basic school [forget about national or international standards]. this is my feedback based on what we have seen as parents after spending too much of money and hopefully school management thinks beyond just increasing the profits out of the organization as they are euqally responsible for future of kids.

Suny07 2018-06-11 16:06:19


Yiu r Absolutely right in expressing ur feeling as well as facts and figure that from Acadamic to support as well as computer lab fee while its under construction and even flat fee structure feom Pre Nursery to 10th Std.that is 90k. Above all shamleassness in dealing wid parents and asking to leave the school if u have not find it gud....... So every parent who is reading dis not stuck here merely for the sake of the management will not listen to parents at any cost as they have only greed for money. Even they tale whole Year fees of pre nursery in Advance by 30th April and Section starts in June 2nd Wk.... Also they promised 30 students in pre nursery;Jr.Kg and but this year they had 47 kids in one section...and when asked from them then they reply we had not commited 30 students and if u do not like then go to other school and as fee is not refundable so everyone stuck wid these Greedy.......d.....shamless..

Nancy13 2018-06-13 16:30:43


It is biggest mistake of life to take admission in Rainbow International Brahmand. Commitment is never kept. Promises are never fulfilled. Very rude behavior at times. And teachers staff at times cant speak English also. Seeing the amount of hard earn money that is paid the returns is zero. Not happy at all. None of the sports activities are followed as per the schedule given. So how many years they want parents to understand that its new upcoming school and how many years R & D will be done at the cost of parents hard earn money.

yogirajT 2019-03-10 13:30:18


Fees are so high and they increase it every year. This school gives more importance to music and dance. I think it's another dance institute where academics is zero.


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