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deepa16 2015-11-24 15:18:06


Dear parents We r shifting to thane next year and want to take admission for my son. Can somebody help me with the school options. I am looking at orchids, euro, hiranandani foundation, new horizon and rustomjee. Can you tell me which is best options out of these. Regards Deepa

deepa16 2015-11-25 12:30:11


Friends Anybody who can suggest pls. Rgds

SShettyy 2015-11-26 09:58:45


Sighania school is ranked the best. But admission depends on your child's luck, since its based on lottery.

anje 2015-11-26 17:33:11


Admissions are possible in Hiranandani foundation school only if u own a flat there at Hiranandani. I have read not very good reviews about New Horizon. Rustomjee (IGCSE) & Orchids International (CBSE) at Thane are newly established, i didn't see any reviews about these schools. People have been recommending Euro though...
I myself am going to shift to Mumbai (Thane) next year and was looking for my kid's admission in Std II. Would appreciate if any one could advise about Rustomjee and Orchids International.


 Former member 2015-11-27 14:49:04


Hi deepa16, If you could provide with few details like 1) what std will you be seeking admission of your son. 2)Which board are you looking for.(SSC,CBSC,ICSE or IGCSE) Or if you have any specific school in mind. These details will help the parents on this blog to guide you well. Thanks

deepa16 2015-11-27 23:00:04


Hi , @namithas - m looking for 2nd STD admission. Either CBSE or ICSE @anje - hiranandai has opened admission for for outsiders this time.

Papa2pareshaan 2015-12-02 15:57:37



If hiranandani has opened option for outsiders, its good option.

 Former member 2015-12-02 21:52:16


@deepa16 If you are looking for CBSE schools please go for DAV its well established CBSE school in Thane.Admission process for all the schools in Thane have already started.You will have to call them first if seats are available only then they will guide you with the further process. You can get their contact no from website.There are other schools like Arunouday, Dyanganga, New Horizon ,Podar also at Ghodbunder - Thane. This year (2014-2015) is it's first year of operation for Podar school and other schools not so good reviews.You can get admissions to any of these schools easily with some donation ofcourse. Also came to know that Billabong has also started CBSE board last year onwards this school is in Waghle Estate .As per best of my knowledge this school has all the 3 boards CBSE , ICSE and IGCSE and you will get admission in this school also easily with donation.But this school had made news headlines few years back for bad management and other issues don't know if the new principal and management are doing good.This school is under Goenka Trust.

 Former member 2015-12-02 22:28:01


@deepa16 If you are looking for admission at Hiranandani School (ICSE) you need one of these 1) Your own flat in Hiranandani or 2) Some strong reference or pehchan with the school trustees or management. According to me Hiranandani Foundation and Singhania are best ICSE board schools in Thane.They are also affiliated to ISC (11th and 12th) which is done after ICSE 10th std.The school fees of both the schools are almost 30% less as compared to other ICSE schools.Hiranandani school has disclosed last years fee structure on website you can check the same.Lot of other ICSE board schools have cropped up like mushrooms on the Ghodbunder Road -Thane. Do remember that admission to the prestigious schools like hiranandani and Singhania is a little difficult but I suggest giving it a try at least. Other ICSE schools in thane are Dyanganga , Euro , Universal and Billabong.You can get admission to any of these schools in the month of June too by paying donation. If possible go for Euro. These are purely my views best wishes for a successful student life for your child.

newdad 2015-12-03 11:28:26


Hi all - I am planning to move to thane nxt year...need advice on whether ICSE or CBSE board would be better for my kid..I have heard that ICSE involves lot of projects and practical studies which requires lot of time from parents end ( me and my wife both are doing job)...also if someone can advice if there is a drastic difference in fees pattern between both'' any information would be appreciated


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