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NidsCool 2016-03-11 11:47:02


Hello friends, 
  I have visited many schools for my son's admission for 3rd grade for 2016-17, I will be moving from Kandivali to Thane. I am thinking to enroll admission in Orchid as it starts from June and goes well with my shifting plan. Some one you have mentioned that fee at Orchid is high, but it's 1L+12K(uniform+books kit)+1K(form+processing), transportation would be extra. well that's okay compare to what CP goenka, Billabong charges. 
Please find below reviews of the schools I have visited so far:
1. Billabong, Wagle Estate, Thane: 
  Fee: 1.03L Admission fee:25000.. total 1.28L does not include books,uniform, transportation, canteen
   they have CBSE & ICSC board, student ration is max 28 students per teacher, kid need need to go through 2 hours assessment for admission(I think this is just a formality), This school is 10years old school
  Few of my friends are warning to stay away from this school. My son went to Billabong, Malad for his 1st grade, overall schooling was okay, but they really do not put effort for teaching your kid, and my wife was complaining that she had to put lots of effort to make him study.. 

2. C.P. Goenka, Thane:
 Fee: 1.25L +Admission fee=25000, total fees=1.5L does not include books,uniform, transportation, canteen
This is their 2nd year, their premises used to be mall earlier, but they have build very good facility, few of the sports they will take kids to other facility, they have tieup with well known dance and drama group so that's plus.
They have CBSE & ICSC board, student ratio would be max 28 per teacher.
3. Sulochana Devi Singania(JK Singania): did not find much information for admission, Security gaurd at their premises told me that everything is online, but I could not see procedure to take admission for 3rd grade and admission is only if there is vacancy is created.. so I am not much hopeful and straight away not considering it as admission will not be possible here.
3. DAV  PUBLIC schools, I visited Mulund and Thane 2 schools , but admission for 3rd grade is only if vacancy is created and difficult to get admission, ppl are saying it's good school, but I felt it's kind of typical govt. school with better education, student ratio may be high and fees may be ~60k, I am not considering it as I did not find it par with private schools.
4. Vasant Vihar School, I did not visit this school but after research came to know it's states SSC board and I am not interested for SSC board.
5. Lokpuram Public School: Similar story as other PUBLIC school, I got feeling like govt. run school and you can not compare it with other international school and admission is only if vacancy is created so they do not have vacancy for 3rd grade and I am not intereste as well.

Orchid International School: I did not find much online rating about this school but after reading Sandeepji's review and his experience for Orchid school I got very curious to know about this school and I contacted online y'day and to my surprise I got 3 follow-up calls today for my visit. 
below are the details for Orchid school:
Years since inception: It's 2-3 years old school
School Timings  :8:30 to 3:30(Mon-Fri) Saturday is off
Board: CBSE(I): They have specially designed curriculum which contains 70% CBSE and 30% mix of (IB, IG & ICSE board)
Languages: They teach Eng, Hindi, French, Marathi for I to IV grade and all 4 languages are mandatory, per my personal opinion so many languages is not really required to be taught.  grate V to VIII have 3 mandatory languages Eng, Hindi or Frech and Marathi. for grade IX to X 2 languages are mandatory Eng and Hindi or French.
Activities: They have lots of activities, you name it and it's there.
Special Activities: They have 3 special activities apart for other regular activities. No separate fess for them all included in fees.
Assessments during year: They have Internal & External Tests
   Internal Tests:for grade I to IV they have 4 surprise tests(which will not be intimated to parents) and 2 repeat test incase they feel students needs to redone these tests. there are 2 tests during years which will be intimated to parents.
   External Tests: it's called Olympiyards for I to X grade and it's mandatory. these are competitive exams and  need to pay extra nominal fees ~200 Rupees. Also they have spell bees competitions.
Schools starts from June to April, (It suits my case as it would be better for me to move to Thane before June this year.)
Remedial/Supporting classes: they have this classes from  3:30 to 4:30 for students who need support or extra care, (but Transport will not be provided if child attends this class as transport would not be available at 4:30.)
Students/Teacher Ratio: 30-38 per teacher.. I felt which is little high.
Fees: 1L including all extra ctivites+ aprox 12,000 for School Kits(I think this is for book+uniform+bags)+1,000 for form & processing fees. Transport, canteen etc.
Campus: they have separate football ground & swimming pool. Basketball , skating, etc are on top floor which was not really unilized last year per the counselor, but they are renovating it to be used this year(I am little doubtful) 
Rainbow International school:  This school is next to Orchid International school and their premises is under construction. They mentioned that one public school is merging with them, they have good grounds though, it's CBSE board and fee is around 1L.  they have horse riding as part of extra activity.
Podar International School: They have CBSE and CIE(Cambridge ) boards, I inquired only for CBSE as I am interested to take admission for my son in CBSE board only. For CBSE fee is 1.9L including books and Uniform. This school is in Hiranandani Estates and they are in one of the Hiranandani Corporate tower on different floors. One of my friend's son is studying in this school, but I did not like closed corporate office kind of classes on higher floors 5th and 6th etc.. they take schools to these floor by walk or elevator. Classrooms are nice but all extra activities will be carried out in Hiranandani park which is half KM away across the road and kids will be taken to the ground by bus I guess once a week.
 I am not planning to visit New Harozion or euro due to below reasons.
New Horizon: one of my colleague's son goes in this school, school seems to be very decent and affiliated with CBSE board, fee is also very reasonable less than 60k, however I am not considering to enroll my son for the 3rd grade because the school timings are from 7:20 to 12:30 and school session for 2016-17 starts from April and does not go well with my shifting plan(I am thinking of moving to Kandivali to Thane in May'16). They have around 7-8 divisions for each grade and my colleagues speaks very high about the school, my second option is this school if Orchid does not works out for me.
Euro school: I am not considering because, friends I spoke with are saying it will be far and it's at remote location, so I am not considering it. Eurokid schools seems to be running 2nd year in Thane if I am not mistaken.
Hope this helps. Regards,Balvant.


Sri110 2016-03-11 15:44:31


Thanks Nidscool for providing detailed information about all the schools of  Mumbai. It is really very helpful. I shared these details with my cousin and she has enrolled her daughter in Orchids International School's Thane branch. 

ayeshu1 2016-03-11 17:29:40


Even my son is in orchids in 2nd but external exams as said by nidscool is not compulsory its optional...but yes there study curriculum is too good...teachers pay personal attention to each & every kid...2 and standard teacher student ratio us 35:2

Sri110 2016-03-14 14:53:40


That's really great information. If Orchids the International school is paying proper attention to every child, I am happy for my cousin's decision.
Thanks ayeshu for sharing this.

NidsCool 2016-03-14 16:33:41


When counselor took me to the Orchid Campus I saw the big factory behind Orchid campus, anyone knows what this factory produces and whether it's operational? is there any environmental risk for kids studying in the school?

RahulDhakan 2016-04-14 19:50:29


I am relocating from Ahmedabad to mumbai and looking for admission for my son in Jr. Kg - can anybody suggest 3-4 good options for school along with fees structure as by doing inquiry on phone, school management person is reluctant to confirm feed on phone. I am also afraid that now most of the schools must have closed admission so let me know if any of parents have idea about this.

Thanks !



nieetu 2016-04-15 14:25:30


You can go for Rainbow Preschool situated near by Majiwada.My son had studied there and now he is in Rainbow international in 3rd standard.Total fees id RS.53,000/- in which 10,000 will be refundable.

confmom 2018-03-17 13:10:12


Hi balvant,
Did you take admission in orchid.can you please give feedback for the 



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