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Pal29 2015-10-09 19:18:52


Hi all I am looking for admissions in jr kg for my daughter. We have selected few schools Universal, Rustomjee Cambridge and New horizon. Please provide valuable suggestions and feedback as it would help me to finalize the best for her. Thanking you

Papa2pareshaan 2015-10-10 11:13:21


We have received mail from Rustomjee ..that admissions have begun... All above 3 schools have different boards ... Which board you are looking for.

 Former member 2015-10-12 10:49:34


If you could tell which board you are looking for then parents will be able to help you by providing more infornation.

sjain9 2015-10-12 15:04:32


Hi ... Need reviews on C.P. Goenka international school...

Pal29 2015-10-12 20:41:30


Preferably cbse but are flexible with both cbse or icse, if the school is good.

 Former member 2015-10-14 09:37:58


Hi Pal29, List of ICSE schools in thane 1) Singhania 2)Hiranandani Foundation 3) Euro School 4) Universal High 5)Dyanganga.Out of these 5 I would not recommend Dyanganga at all to you. Singhania and Hiranandani Foundation are best though getting admission in these well established schools is a little difficult but I recommend you at least try for it.Singhania everything is on net from form release dates to admission. In this school for jrkg admission is on lottery basis. If you want admission in Hiranandani foundation school you need to have house in hiranandani or some good contacts.I suggest you personally visit Hiranandani foundation school.what they do is they give admission in July or August once their internal seats are closed and if they have any vacant seats available.few parents from my complex gave me good feedback about euro but their kids are in jr or sr kg.Actual issues start when kids go to 1st or 2nd std. So while taking feedback from parents pl ensure their kids are in at least 4th or 5th std only then you get the actual picture of the school.My child goes to Universal High - Brahmand currently in 3rd std . School mgmt is very rude, teachers attrition also high ,plus this year onwards I mean 3rd STD onwards teachers have stopped checking hw books as well as hw worksheets.They do mass checking meaning exchange the book with partner teacher will right correct ans on board and kids will put tick marks.teachers do not sign on this type of corrections also.Which I absolutely do not agree is the right thing to do at this stage as these are kids foundation years.many more such issues mgmt not ready to do anything on it mgmt is like school is always right .School fees for last year was 75,000 which does not include uniform, stationery and transport fees.Almost all schools have started giving forms for new admission. This is purely my opinion rest is up to you.My Best wishes so that you can take a good decision for your child wonderful success.

 Former member 2015-10-14 13:23:11


Hi sjain9, C P Goenka had started just this year itself as per my knowledge. Few things which might help you 1) All schools are good till sr kg issues start when your child goes to 1st or 2nd std. 2) Very few parents view this well in advance so while taking feedback of any school pl take it from higher std kids parents only. 3) Leaving the reputed schools like Singhania and Hiranandani Foundation non of the schools are well established. 4) None of the schools on Ghodbunder road is well established means not completed 10 or 12 years. 5)All not well established schools have some or other issues.Since you are trying to take feedback of school which has begun just this year 90% you will get feedback as good itself.My son goes to Universal High - Bramhand its ICSE Board they got their affiliation 3 years back but still mgmt is not able to run the school with basic requirement.These are my views or opinion rest is up to you to decide.Best wishes to choose a right school for a great career of your child.Thanks

Papa2pareshaan 2015-10-14 13:37:21


Namithas. Thanks for your feedback... Actually i had availed admission of my elder son in universal...but cancelled later since Rustomjee started in my area and took admission there...considering travelling challenges.. I had good feedback for universal accordingly i used to recommend that school for ICSE ... but now after hearing all this ...m sure it will be difficult to recommend their name. Rustomjee is good in all these matters... teachers check every students books..may be bcz its just began.... but they do ... So in short for ICSE only singhania and Hiranandani are good.... Sandeep if you still actuve in forum.. whats feedback for Orchids ?...will be helpful to know ...

1ayeshu 2015-12-07 13:40:57


Is hiranandani school giving transport facility as this yr they hv opened admission for outsiders..

SShettyy 2015-12-08 18:43:00


Yes .. Hiranandani school is providing transport. According to one of the sources their selection process for nursery is like - the closer you stay to the school, brighter are possibility to get a seat.

1ayeshu 2015-12-08 22:14:10


But again their selection criteria is for nearby students...what's use...if they hv opened for outsiders then distance sh not matter...do u stay nearby hiranandani school...

samwal 2015-12-09 17:23:51



my daughter is 3 years old and m planning to keep her in nursary next year as per revised criteria

i m confused first of all whether to put her in a proper school or shd i put her in preschool like rainbow and kidzee?

 Former member 2015-12-11 08:52:46


@samwal If you have a transferable job then better to go for a small pre school as almost all schools charge non-refundable deposits. Thanks - NS

samwal 2015-12-14 17:15:46


nop ours is not transferable job....my worry is next year if i do not get into singhania .....then getting admssion might be a problem as most of the schools wld continue nursary students

1ayeshu 2015-12-14 18:52:24


Same here my daughter is also 3.5 but I'm not relying on singhania...as per singhania she hv 2 repeat her Nur...that doesn't make any sense...even if I wait & repeat her nursery then too it not sure whether sh wd get admission

Navina11 2015-12-15 12:51:18


hi ... need reviews on Euro school Thane and Airoli. which is better. Since living thane city... not GB road ... looking out for some good ICSE/ CBSE schools for STd 2 ..any other options near majiwada...  

 Former member 2015-12-29 12:52:29


Hi Navina11 Pl go for Airoli branch cause the one on GB road is still in struggling phase and does not have affiliation as on date.

Prags84 2015-12-30 14:28:50



Has anybody out here applied for Hiranandani Foundation School for their kids and got a response from the school?

One of my friend has got a call from the school for Nursery Admissions. I have applied for my son for SR KG and still awaiting response.

Kindly let me know if anybody else has got too.

Thanks & Regards



2010Hari12Om 2016-01-03 14:10:32


Hi , I have recently got transfered from Delhi to thane , my office is in Bhiwandi . looking for admission for my two sibling daughters for 7th and 1st STD in CBSE school in Ghodbander road or majiwada area . Can any one let me know the available CBSE schools in this area. Thanks, Hari Om

Navina11 2016-01-13 10:26:18


Thanks Namithas , also have visited Lodha and am getting mixed opinions regarding the school. Any recent feedback on Lodha.. specially in terms of faculty and method of teaching and extra curricular activities . My kid will be in II grade next year.Would appreciate and early response as admissions to Lodha have begun

Pooohh 2016-01-13 15:46:30


Hi All...I m luking for admission to Jr KG in an ICSE school in Thane. I am relocating from Ahmedabad and plan to put up somewhere near Ghodbunder road. Singhania is ruled out, as my daughter does not fulfill the age criterion. I had applied to Hiranandani, but have not recd any response (assume they might not have shortlisted, as I had mentioned the address of Ahmedabad in the form, of course with a note that we'll relocate to thane). What are the other available options? Plsss help

SShettyy 2016-01-14 09:58:49


@Poohh, Try your luck with EuroSchool. It has got good feedback for pre-primary. The school is not affiliated to ICSE board though.

Pooohh 2016-01-15 21:47:37


Sshettyy thanks for ur inputs...but i am luking for an affiliated school. Can someone please help


Ayus12 2016-02-02 21:29:28


Hello all, Can anyone here share your inputs and review about orchid as we are lookin for cbse grade1

Soham2016 2016-02-13 11:44:45


Hello, We had visited Orchids International. Academic wise it seems good. But fees is too high. And i guess school property is not owned property. Its rental. They have converted mall into school. Canteen is not at all hygienic. Its at basement at parking slot. Have no play grounds. Play courts are on terrace and under maintenance. Yrly fees for class V is 107000 plus transportation plus uniform and books. Application Form fees 200/- They have restrictions on sports. Every child has to select either or sport activity which wil be conducted during regular school hours. Afterall every school has its pros n cons. Decision is yours. Best luck. And the thing which we didnt like that counsellers were insisting parents to take form by paying 200/-

Soham2016 2016-02-13 11:46:07


Infrastructure is not at all in accordance with fees in orchids.

VinodS 2016-02-15 12:42:32


@SShetty.. IS hiranandani providing transport this year? We are far at vartak nagar..

SShettyy 2016-02-16 17:24:04


I stay in Anandnagar, they said they provide transport. I'm not too sure about Vartak nagar. If you have got the admission, then they should provide transport.

VinodS 2016-02-16 18:22:48


@SShettyy... thank you for the reply.. they said they have private van and will provide no. But not sure..

Also any idea about school timings?, how many batches and student strength per batch?

skyblue 2016-03-10 14:39:14


Hi...my child studies in c p goenka international school in playgroup. I am well satisfied with the curriculum, pedagogy, teachers, culture and safety measures. Infrastructure such as classes library, dance hall and turf is also good. It offers transport and cafeteria food to students Most of all i like the fact that understanding a concept is focussed on rather than rote learning or pressurizing tender minds. I was concerned about sending a two year old to school but i am surprised to see that my child loves to go to school.


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