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Anam22 2015-08-09 01:18:33


I will be shifting to Thane son studies in 4th standard in Bishop's can someone suggest me good schools in Thane....I'm really confused....

 Former member 2015-08-11 13:42:19


Hi, If you could provide info on where exactly you plan to stay near city or ghodbunder road then people on this group will be able to help you in better way. Thanks

Anam22 2015-08-11 15:11:31


We do not have any particular locality in mind but will be on the Ghodbunder road.....i wrongly mentioned that my son studies in 4th standard....he is in 3rd standard now ...please it possible to get an admission in Sulochona Devi Singhania son is witthin the first five in class from std 1 onward in Bishop' can we try in Singhania school.....

 Former member 2015-08-17 11:39:35


Hi Anam22, Singhania is undoubtedly good school but admission is difficult. But if your son is lucky he will surely get it. Last year there were 5 seats in Singhania for 1st std and no of kids for admission test were near to 1000 hence you should keep your second option also ready. ICSE schools in Thane - Ghodbunder 1) Euro 2) Universal 3)Dyanganga. These are what I know I would recommend you to go for Euro - Kasarvadvali.Pl visit the premises to see the location as it is very inside also some of my friends told me it has a wall that separates school from Sanjay Gandhi National Park. My son is in 3rd currently and goes to Universal High - Brahmand but I am not happy with the management at all.Also there are lot of other issues and parents either do not have time or refrain from uniting and resolving the issues.You can find Dyanganga on the way to Euro. Though it is ICSE board many people from our locality used to go to that school but changed the school within a year or two.Please remember all the schools at ghodbunder are not more than 10 or 12 years old and have some or other issue. Only vigilint parents know about the school issues.So Whenever you take a feedback from some one try to know plus points as well as negatives.Think well before you take any decision. Best of Luck

Anam22 2016-01-18 00:26:05


We have chosen Billabong high for our son....any feed back of the school.....


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