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adi2014 2015-08-04 11:01:52


Hello everybody This is my first time that I m writing here. My daughter is going to new Horoizon Thane and she is in 1st standard. This is a CBSE board and i myself have been a CBSE board student always. But here the work load is too much and they have exams almost every 2months. They have started problem sums in maths, full sentences in English, nown in grammer and so on. My questions to parents here in this group are : 1. It is normal for CBSE board for 1st standard kids or the school is pressurising too much? 2. I m frustrated to a level that I m even planning to change her school and put her in Euro school Thane. Is it OK to change the school in 2nd standard or the child will go under depression. 3. I also have observed that bcos oh studies pressure I m unable to let her give enough play time in park or with other kids. She is mostly engaged in mobile cartoon videos. Bcos of this she also has gained weight. Need suggestions on this. What should I do. Please give your valuable suggestions. Thanks Aditya

 Former member 2015-08-11 14:05:01


Hi adi2014, Since my child is not in CBSE board these are just my views 1) CBSE board always have lot to from my locality going to CBSE school are going through the same phase rather, now they are used to it be it New Horizon or DAV 2)Please do not get frustrated if want to change school take feedback from the parents whose kids go to that school.Also do not solely depend on parent feedback because most of the parents are not even aware of the school issues mostly because both are working.If any parent tells you school is good also try to find out what is bad about that school.3) Since the schools at ghodbunder road are not more than 10 years old everyone will have some or other issue.It should not happen that you are moving from one school to other and you landup in same issue again. Just for your info my child is going to Universal High in Brahmans and I myself am planning to change the school because the mgmt is not good and parents do not want to unite and quiz mgmt on the issues.Hope this info helps you in taking right decision for your child.Best of Luck Thanks

adi2014 2015-08-11 15:14:12


Thanks a lot. That was helpful.

pashmi1 2016-04-07 10:00:20


@Adi A little too late but i will reply for benefit of parents in the same boat. I totally understand your concerns about the new age syllabus and  methods of assessments and appraisals . it's a government directive called CCE - continuous comprehensive evaluation since 2010 or so. This is across boards , be it state, (ssc) central (cbse) or ICSE . THe aim was to reduce exam tension on both parents and kids. This new evaluation  method has since then been adopted by several schools . The evaluation is conducted through  a  series of inhouse tests and suprise appraisals. However I find that schools are over doing this and that in turn has created more tension and  chaos  for parents since they have to constantly prepare their kids for the same. Some relief is present if the school is able to extend support with systematic lesson revision and relevant homework at intervals.   
If you wish to shift  schools , Please do look at how the curriculum is executed , better still get hold of  worksheets of the class you wish to shift your child to, see if its something your child and you can manage and then take a decision. Good luck  

pashmi1 2016-04-07 10:10:00


FYI My kid used to go to JK. So while they do not give home work, worksheets of each subject are uploaded frequently and by the time your kid and you solve a set of practice worksheets, new ones are uploaded . So its just like having homework . It was made more difficult by the fact that the school did not have either a text book or note book that i could refer to ,to know what and how a leson could be revised with my child. So pressure for me was not knowing how to teach my kid a concept that she may have not understood in school without knowing how it was being taught in class.    Also most ICSE schools have a long day and  I   did not see any value addition in having her sit an entire day in school for just a couple hours of academics . At the end of long day the last thing she wanted was to sit with yet another worksheet.  Having said  that some amount of homework or revision is inevitable  and as parents we have to accept that. The cbse and state boards have a shorter day and it's easier to then allot specific time for play and study. I speak here from my own experience. Hoping it provides some clarity to your situation.         

Mohitd 2016-04-10 09:48:00


Dear Parents I am planning to take an admission in New horizon school thane West in jr kg. So just wanted to know about the review of the school. Good or bad. Also, just a concerns that they are having a provisional CBSE affiliation by 2017. So hope it will get renew. Please give us your feedback. Appreciate your help. Thanks Mohit

neha13 2016-04-19 14:30:35


Dear friends i m very much satisfied with this school.My son is studying in1st std in New Horizon School until now i find it good with academic as well as extra curricullum activities


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