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Ganesh01 2014-11-12 12:50:20


Hi all,
I am newly joined in the Group. I am shifting to Thane (W) , Dhokali Naka in March 2015. Am looking for admission for my son for Junior KG for 2015-16 Batch. I checked with few schools which are starting admission next month in December.
1. Please help me in knowing the Best Schools in Thane (W), (SSC/CBSE)
2. How difficult it is to get the admission from Junior KG as i have come across a school which says that they give admission only from Nursery and if any Vacancy is available for Jnr KG, they will accommodate new joinee. But not before March. Now this is a risky proposition as cant wait till March as admissions closes in most schools by that time.
Please advice.

pradeepaap 2014-11-13 13:22:25


Euro kids
new horizon
universal school
admissions are going on above schools .pls check website and go there. fees range of Rs.70,000. Even i am also searching but i may settle for a playschool like kidzee or so for 2 years.
Which school told you that admission given from nursery only.

Ganesh01 2014-11-13 14:03:21


From the search i made here , i came to know that following schools were good in Thane :-1. Singhania2. DAV 3. Vasanth Vihar4. Hiranandani Foundation
Vasanth Vihar informed that admissions are given from Nursery. Incase of admissions in Junior KG, they first check if vacancy is there. That means if any student leaves the batch which moves Nursery to Jnr KG, then only there is a possibility to get admission. This will be known in March. 

pradeepaap 2014-11-14 11:14:56


Dear Ganesh
Also depends upon which board you want to educate.

Ganesh01 2014-11-14 12:32:59


Thats true. I am ok with State Board if the School is good. As State Boards have revamped their syllabus and what I have read and heard about Vasant Vihaar is a very good school. There are so many new age schools which have come up offlate but it will be too early to judge them as they may provide good facilities but cant judge what kind of quality they imbibe in students. 

AnishaG 2014-11-14 16:47:05


Please note J K Singhania admission is from 27th November to 12th December for kids born in 2011. Visit their website for details

 Former member 2014-11-15 12:40:17


@ AnishaG Thanks for the info

AnishaG 2014-11-15 18:38:23


Uploaded image

Also note that a k Joshi admissions are from 1st December


pradeepaap 2014-11-19 11:05:33


can anybody comment on sri maa school (review)

shekharkumbhar 2014-12-13 14:51:59


I have just joined this group. And I am new to Thane city. I live in Kolbad.

I shifted to Thane solely for my Daughter's education.

My daughter is 3 year old (Birthdate: 22 Nov 2011)

I have already submitted form for Singhania today on 13 Dec 2014.

Please guide me on:

1. I am going to apply for Vasant Vihar School and Sarswati School, Panch pakhadi and DAV school. For which other schools I should apply so as to get admission securely? Otherwise it may happen that I will not get admission anywhere this year.

2. Does schools accept 'Leave and Licence Registered agreement" as address proof ??

3. How tough is admission to Sarswati..? I heard heavy donations are required.

4. When will form-filling to Vasant Vihar will start ?  Or is it already over ? On website they have displayed that it is postponed..!!

5. What is method of selection at all these schools..?  do they all demand donations..?

request to all... please guide me..



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