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NidsCool 2016-04-06 23:28:11


Purna, Vibgyor@airoli is not far from thane, again depends on where do you live. I have heard good review as well for Vibgyor@airoli but fee is highest compare to other school. As mentioned by  Jaiyu2606 above "Vibgyir starts in June 16. Fees 89k tuition fees, 34 k kit chgs, 30300 transport and 40k one time admission fee"

NidsCool 2016-04-06 23:30:01


Purna, You mentioned that admission at HFS is closed.. is it for 3rd grade? 

vsnl4u 2016-04-07 22:41:38


Hi Sandeep, I am shifting from Delhi to Thane in June 2016 and need your feedback regarding Orchid International as I am considering it for my daughter for Class V. thanks

Sandeept30 2016-04-08 11:20:23


In my view DAV school is form the traditional school where as some of the new schools are in different space .. if you are ready to spend more there are better options.. its just a matter to look out and move toward better options. overall what i see in DAV is crowed and the management don't even bother  about neither kids nor parents..

Sandeept30 2016-04-08 11:21:25


I replied you on mail, please check you inbox of this site.

paragk 2016-04-09 13:56:14


 pumo2006 I tried your mail but got a failure delivery. You can mail me on regarding the fees for Podar

pumo2006 2016-04-19 19:33:27


sorry for late reply nids cool
yes i called the HFschool and was informed all admissions over for this academic year.
Many have told me to chose Billabong school, so if u want u can consider it.
I am not choosing it due to distance.


pumo2006 2016-04-19 19:33:44


ok parag
i shall send u an email

NidsCool 2016-04-19 23:57:28


Thank You Pumo2006, Last Sat, I booked admission at Orchid for my son. Now I am struggling to find apartment nearby area.

pashmi1 2016-04-20 09:16:28


@ pumo. .its best to make a personal visit to HFS school . 9 to 12am.

pumo2006 2016-04-20 11:33:52


Ok thanks pashmi1 Will do so

pumo2006 2016-04-20 11:37:30


Congratulations nidscool for the admission. Atleast one task done. Getting apartment should not be an issue as get lots of post for resale flats on the following sites - 99acres,,,

NidsCool 2016-04-20 23:47:40


Thank You Pumo2006. 


Sandeept30 2016-04-21 12:16:57


Sameer Pla is 1 Single broker who's  no is  08899148188. All Neelkanth Palms Flats (new building Krishna and old Classic and Royal ) he manage, my suggestion is since school is fix u can consider Neelkanth Palms CHS. talk to Broker and u can give my reference. Orchid School bus come in building campus and ~ 8 -10 kids go.

NidsCool 2016-04-23 00:29:56


Thank You Sandeep, that will help. I will check with Sameer... Appreciate your help. -Balvant

25ishu 2017-02-02 16:44:57


Hi everyone, I hv just shifted to my new flat in kalyan west, Maharashtra from mulund and looking for best play school for my 18 months old son. Kindly help out regarding best schools... Yrs valuable reply is awaited

Sap123 2017-07-03 18:37:52


Hi this is SAPNA dewani .i m also searching good school for my kids .they are in 4th std and first std.pz guide me for proper education. The

NidsCool 2017-07-04 01:08:46


Hi Sapna, My son completed 3rd grade from Orchid, we were not quite satisfied with the Orchid school and we took admission for my son in Podar International for 4th grade CBSE. Podar, Thane offers CBSE and CIE curriculum, they don't have their own play ground, but they take to the near by garden via bus for play. I am not quite sure if they still have admission open but you can definitely check with them. Hiranandani foundation school and there are many other options as well, let us know your requirement so that we can guide accordingly. Regards, Balvant.

Trup2008 2018-03-01 23:21:18


Thanks for the detailed information!!!!

Trup2008 2018-03-01 23:24:39


Thanks for the detailed information!!!! Sir how is Rustomjee school overall?? Hope u don't Hv any issues.. Am looking out school for my daughter for 5th std as we r relocating to Rustomjee Urbania in 2months.. Guide me.

ImDeepakSharma 2018-03-06 05:13:52


Dear Balwant,

I think I am repeating your footsteps in 2018-19. I am also shifting in April 1st week from Kandivali West (Mumbai) to Thane. Since last week I am searching schools in thane for my 3 kids. I have also researched a lot and to my surprise I am having similar tastes and choices as yours. Thank you so much for this superb information, this will be a great help for the one who is new or relocating to Thane.

I have visited so far below schools and still searching before I finalised for schooling for my 3 kids for Jr. Kg, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade 2019-19 admission. I have recently shifted to Thane and staying at Lodha Splendora, Thane West. 
1. Billabong, Wagle Estate, Thane : 
  Fee : 1.10 L Admission fee:25000.. total 1.35L does not include books,uniform, transportation, canteen. They have CBSE & ICGSC board, student ration is max 28 students per teacher, kid need need to go through 2 hours assessment for admission (I think this is just a formality), This school is 10years old school. Few of my friends are warning to stay away from this school. Even my Friend's son went to Billabong, Malad for his 3rd grade, overall schooling was okay, but they really do not put effort for teaching your kid, and his wife was complaining that she had to put lots of effort to make him study.

2. C.P. Goenka, Thane : Super Expensive 
Fee: 1.35L + Admission fee=25000, total fees=1.5L does not include books,uniform, transportation, canteen
This is their 4th year, their premises used to be mall earlier, but they have build very good facility, few of the sports they will take kids to other facility, they have tieup with well known dance and drama group so that's plus.They have CBSE & ICSC board, student ratio would be max 28 per teacher.

3. Sulochana Devi Singania (JK Singania): Try your luck only if you are seeking admission in Jr. KG  otherwise complete waste of time. They completely share admission information on their website, Kindly Check from post Diwali last week November every year. School Authorties do not entertain us, so kindly avoid the same. So I am not much hopeful and straight away not considering it as admission will not be possible here.

3. DAV  PUBLIC schools, I visited Mulund and Thane 2 schools , but admission for 3rd grade is only if vacancy is created and difficult to get admission, ppl are saying it's good school, but I felt it's kind of typical govt. school with better education, student ratio may be high and fees may be ~60k, I am not considering it as I did not find it par with private schools.

4. Vasant Vihar School, I did not visit this school but after research came to know it's states SSC board and I am not interested for SSC board. Its good option for State Board seekers

5. Lokpuram Public School: Similar story as other PUBLIC school, I got feeling like govt. run school and you can not compare it with other international school and admission is only if vacancy is created so they do not have vacancy for 3rd grade and I am not intereste as well.

Today I have visited Podar International, Rainbow International Orchid International , Euro and New Horizon schools. 

= Fees '102000 +  Uniform & Books '10k, Transport '16-24k Super Expensive. Corporate Office of Feeling. No Playground in the school premises. They have some tie-ups with other schools for playground.

 Euro : Overall an Average Ratings For Fees and other details. ICSE Board 

Orchid : 
Fees '110000 +Uniform & Books '10k, Transport '16-24k 

: Fees '90000 + Admission ' 30000, Transport +Uniform & Books ' 17500 - 27000

Tomorrow I will be visiting to New Horizon for More Details Will update my findings thereafter soon.

Currently for me, there is an tie.....

Rainbow International Vs Orchid International Vs New Horizon Scholars. All are CBSE Board and good infrastructure. 

Please let us know your thoughts and experience on schooling around. Also correct me if you feel so....

Thank You.
Deepak Sharma

Capella 2018-03-07 17:52:16


Billabong High International School at Wagle Estate is a good school . The Preschool Section ( Kangaroo Kids) is ranked 1st in academic excellence and students in primary , middle and high school are much benefitted with the new age education that the school curriculum provides. It is not wise to fall prey to rumors . It would be better to visit the school and meet the authorities to understand what the school offers . And it would interest you to know that sports activities are part of the regular week timetable and all students get to choose the sports ,at the beginning of each year , they would like to try their hand at . The school doesn't advocate educating by rote learning but emphasizes the enhancement of higher order skills of its students . Parents who understand the difference between outdated and new age education will turn to this school .

Capella 2018-03-07 17:54:43


Billabong High International School has ICSE and IGCSE Boards .It does not offer CBSE

 Former member 2018-03-07 21:15:57


Hi Capella


confmom 2018-03-17 14:26:02


Hi nidscool, what were the issues with orchid,if you can share

NidsCool 2018-03-18 02:37:29


My wife takes care of most of schooling need for my son, I help her mostly with admission and financial matter of schooling. So most of what I mention here is my wife's feedback regarding Orchid and Podar school, Thane. My son studied in 3rd grade in Orchid school during 2016-2017. Overall my wife was not satisfied with schooling at Orchid and hence we decided to move my son from Orchid to Podar. Few of other parents also did the same shifting kid from Orchid. Below are the some of the issues with Orchid school: 1. Last 3 months they did not put much efforts in study, they put lots of effort for annual day event and they made all students to rehearse for last three months under the sun. 2. Hindi teacher was worst, did not put much effort in study or style of one of the class teacher changed 4 time in a year. 3. In one of the conversation with Principal, she told my wife that if you are not happy with school then you can shift the school. I think It was little irresponsible statement from Principal. 4. There were 4 or 5 extra activities including swimming and basketball, but I hardly feel they took him for these activities during tenure of schooling. 5. They increased fee for 4th grade by 20k or so. Let me also mention good things I observed for Orchid. Good campus, singing and musical day event was very good. Annual day event was also good and well organized but as I mentioned they made kids do lots of rehearsal for 3 months under the son. I must say they put good effort in music class, Music teacher was very good during that time, I am not sure if that music teacher is still around. No school is perfect, but my son has completed almost 4th grade in Podar international, CBSE and my wife's feedback is still good for Podar so far, so that's good. I would recommend Podar school. I stay in Hiranandani Estate so Podar is little near to our home still we take bus transport service (22k extra). Fees are okay around 1 lakh. Books+dress+transport extra. Let me also share feedback for other schools: Hiranandani Foundation School is okay not that great, as per my wife, they lake inculcating good values in students. Euro kid school is good. Few of my wife's friends kid are studying in this school and they speak very high about this school. So I think this school must be good, however I and others mentioned earlier school location is little inconvenient. One of my colleagues son goes to Rustomji school and he has completed most of schooling in this school. He just completed 10th exam recently. I am not sure much about this school but I would guess it would be good only. I will ask my colleague next week about The Rustomji school and will update more. One of my friend moved from Oman and currently staying in Rutu Estate near Hiranandani Estate. His Son(4th grade) goes to Shri Maa vidhyalay located near to Hiranandani Estate entrance gate. His son is very good in cricket and my friend wants to focus more on cricket for his son and not much on study. Shri Maa is good school for sports but study wise it not par with other schools. My friend daughter (1st grade) goes to International High and he speaks good about the school so far. If anyone is looking for International High school I can inquire more about it. Lastly I would like to mention that don't concentrate much about extra activities in schools. School really does not bother much about extra activities. If you think your son/daughter is good at something take the extra class outside the school so that they get proper grooming. My son goes to extra football classes to Shri Maa vidhyalay 3 days a week. This is outside of school activity and he loves it. We have also enrolled tusions class for my son in society we live. Seems like tuitions are also becoming mandatory after spending so much on schooling. Hope this helps. Regards, Balvant

Capella 2018-03-18 07:23:47


Hi , I would like to mention here that Hiranandani Foundation School is a good school .My son went here from grade 5 to 12 th . It's an established school with experienced teachers .It slightly lacks the extreme modern appeal but I think students from this school do look more disciplined than most other schools ...One needs to be watchful though that if you have a son especially , that he does not get iinterested into playing football because the coaches here are organising matches all the time and the student misses school . Unfortunately playing these matches might or might not lead anywhere . These days sports is getting of more interest to parents because of the mobile era which is not wrong at all - so play safe and opt for schools which have sports in built in their regular school time table .

confmom 2018-03-19 20:00:49


Thanks nidscool, your review is helpful.Not going for orchid and rainbow .I am planning to check euro and goenka.
For podar I heard they are not having their own ground and student teacher ratio is high thats why was not considering is the overall development and timing for the school
Please share feedback for rustomjee,euro and goenka  also if you get any.


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